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The Russian formula of sex appeal

« And that such? » – having caught laughter, I have questioned on channel shootings « Russia - 2 ».

« the Normal fellow comes to the Earth, which so is fancifully painted, that dithyrambs to sing to beautiful our ladies » (it I have dared to alter the big poet Yury Dombrovsky.

« Russia - 2 » has intended by means of such indisputable ladies` men and disputable judges of beauty, as well as I to make a rating of the most sexual sportswomen of Russia.

Certainly, I was delighted with an invention and as soon as the chamber has joined, to constrain myself did not become, have cried that each time when I saw Elena Dementyev on court and out of court, I was exposed to panic attacks as before a part.

And Nastja Myskina during former times, and present Anja Chakvetadze, and even the boxer Natalia Rogozin show for me delightful fight with anatomy. And to their magnificence the log can be indifferent only, and I, looking at ours, a log I refuse to be and I will not be even in reincarnation beyond the grave and subjected a frost.

Schematically rating drawing up looked so: showed a portfolio of sportswomen, there there were household both working foreshortenings, and the in itself comparative analysis was a priori unfair but what to do – I was in another`s archdiocese and, swallowing of a saliva, devoured with the eyes heavenly individuals and this business is loud made comments, very much trying, that tone was enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, from darkness of being males nobody has supported my initiative.

I have given the First place bliznjashkam to Ane and Ole Dmitrievs - if to me have not told, I and have not learnt that they karatekas and such as I if it is necessary, switch off from life a finger.

the Second place for Maria Verchenovoj, golfistkoj (no, well you imagine!) The third tennis-player Maria Kirilenko who has already sworn eternal love to tennis player Igor Andreevu has occupied, the fourth – Ljuda Privivkova, curling, the fifth – Asya Davidov, synchronous swimming, the young lady who has confused me with too pragmatic look frowningly.

I all life obsequiously give in at nekontakte even, and at litsezrenii indisputable, pure beauty of ours. It to you not sisters Williams with dalicheskimi columns instead of feet and expression of persons, as at beings of an exemplary crime. When Privivkova smiles or shoot eyes bliznjashki - karatekas when half-turned to chamber Verchenova, and Kirilenko longs – it becomes clear, paternal I give thanks to heavens that I geteroseksual, not giving in perekovke.

On a final question of the leader, what for such ratings both to us, and them on a broader scale are necessary, I have cheerfully blurted out: at first about us. These ratings are necessary to us then, what for the beauty on a broader scale is necessary. To enjoy it that and to try to correspond to it. And these ratings are necessary to them, that we, trying to correspond, inspired them, each of them that they the most beautiful.