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Hallo! At me a bomb, I blow up!

« the school is mined! All will blow up! » such messages arrive in militia almost each day. « blow up » shops, stations, metro stations... Why Muscovites and visitors of capital dare so to joke? A leah difficultly to catch pseudo-terrorists?

on these and other questions «» the head of department of the organisation of inquiry of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow the major of militia Paul Milovanov has responded.


- As often Moscow terrorise for fun?

- this year we have received more than 5,5 thousand calls about suspicious subjects. But not all messages obviously false. Happens, someone has seen a strange bag in the underground. Such the majority. But we check all calls.

- when call more often?

- After feasts. Having accepted on a chest, hooligans inform on a bomb, for example, on Red Square, in the Kremlin, TSUMe.

- Really only drunkards play terrorists?

- the Reasons as much, how much reality situations. Jealousy, hatred, love, attempt to draw to itself attention, revenge for dismissal from work... For example, on March, 29th in 17. 00, right after two acts of terrorism at stations « Lubjanka » and « culture Park » on « 02 » the woman has called. She has declared that to it have charged to blow up metro station « Shchelkovo ». To the underground fire-engines, special services were pulled together... And the woman continued to call - shouted in a tube that all in black, at it on a belt 1,5 kilogrammes of trotyl and it already at stations « Guerrilla »... It has appeared that « the terrorist » - 35 - the summer native of Uzbekistan Dinara Usmanov. When the young woman have detained, she has told that has quarrelled with the loved. Having drunk vodka, tried to reconcile. But could not. At this time on TV showed consequences of act of terrorism in the underground. Here to Dinara also has come to mind to vent offence for all Muscovites...

happens, teenagers call to break examination. Such it is caught quickly. But last years more often huliganjat not children, and adults.


Subordinates of the major of militia of Paul Milovanova check each disturbing call.

- At you thousand false calls, but, judging by statistics, have denounced only 29 persons (see « Only figures ») ?

- Raskryvaemost by this kind of criminal cases really lowest - 11,5 percent. After all on each anonymous call it is necessary our investigators on three - four times to be converted into court to obtain the permit to inquiry at telecommunications operator who posesses this or that SIM - a map. Happens that in this time « the terrorist » has replaced number, has sold phone, has at all left the country.

- and if threat is real, unless there is time for reception of the permission of court?

- special services have technologies for operative search of the subscriber of mobile communication. They do it faster in cases when grave crime is made. At us such powers are not present. However, those who calls from a home telephone number or the payphone, we find faster. Recently including inquiry bodies initiated the offer of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow in Moscow City Council to block stolen mobile phones. So we will deprive of criminals of possibility to use the mobile phones issued on another`s name. We also suggest to simplify an order of reception of the information on subscribers of mobile communication which call with similar threats for field services.


- As punish pseudo-terrorists? Really, if the person has noticed a suspicious bag, has informed where follows, and the militia then has not found in it a bomb, to it criminal case shines?

- If not indifferent person has shown vigilance, to it threatens nothing. And the hooligan under Criminal code article 207 for obviously untrue report on the terrorism certificate can punish the penalty to 200 000 roubles, arrest with corrective works till 18 months or imprisonment till three years.

- and in practice?

- more often « miners » receive conditional term or the penalty in 30 - 50 thousand roubles. Punishment depends on that, how much scale act of terrorism was conceived by the hooligan, how much services have been involved also a leah there will be claims from commercial structures which from - for it have suspended work. For example, police squad departure, « Fast » the Ministry of Emergency Measures and building inspection manages on the average in 5 - 10 thousand roubles.


In 2010 in capital 251 criminal case under untrue reports on acts of terrorism is got. It on 48 affairs more than last year. In 2010 are denounced 29 « miners ».