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Anton Kulbachevsky, the head of capital Department of wildlife management: In Moscow and Moscow suburbs - hundreds underground zoos

In the beginning of November employees of Management on struggle against economic crimes on transport have detained at the Kiev station of the courier. The guy carried some boxes... With live black swans. It was found out later that someone has reserved ekzotov for the private zoo... Zoodefenders sound for a long time alarm: a pier, to Moscow in thousand illegally deliver ekzotov, but carriers remain unpunished.

- a leah this illegal business is serious?

- Perhaps, on volumes it can be compared to the narcotraffic or traffic in arms though these markets are larger. In business on illegal circulation of wild animals turn ten millions dollars a year. Also this business of percent on 20 is legal. By approximate calculations, in capital and Moscow suburbs some hundreds private nurseries. For 90 percent from them there are no allowing papers.

- but after all to take an animal it is difficult imperceptibly enough. How it occurs?

It is faster a question to customs. We are responsible those beasts which already have got here. Till 2008 Rosprirodnadzor checked pet-shops, the markets, zoos, circuses and points of photographers - for example, in shopping centre « Atrium ». Criminal cases were thus raised. In the same « Atriume » for example, you will not be photographed any more with a young lion. When this work has passed in conducting Department of wildlife management, checks almost were not. Now we come back to them. Next year according to plan we will check up 20 zoopoints.

- a drop in the sea for Moscow...

- We can only time in three years arrange planned checks. vneplanovo as much as necessary - under the complaint of Muscovites and in coordination with Office of Public Prosecutor.

- « Has published investigation how illegal trade in the Bird`s market prospers. It can be considered as the complaint?

- Yes. On the basis of a note we will spend spot-check on the Bird`s market. Though it is uneasy. On check of each legal person in the market it is necessary to make the report and to receive the coordination in Office of Public Prosecutor. And if these legal persons - hundred?

- but to calculate the person trading in animals, easily enough. For example, on the Internet of ten offers. Why it is difficult to you to make it?

- In - the first, in department for the decision of this problem we can allocate all the person five. In - the second, we cannot provoke someone, for example call and ask to bring an animal. We will admit, to steam - a three the person we will catch, we will punish, in courts us will accuse of excess of powers. The complex approach is necessary. For example, now for such crimes and responsibility small, and penalties. Remember Sergey Bobysheva, the owner of a leopard in settlement Rechnik? It have fined all on 1500 roubles. Mizer in comparison with official cost of a leopard which estimate in 500 thousand roubles. And in the black market its price reaches 50 thousand dollars. It is necessary to toughen punishment.

- the person, at which house the illegal menagerie, will get off only with the penalty?

- In apartment or in the private house of wild animals it is forbidden to hold. If you are converted into our department behind the permission, you do not receive it. All those who contains them, transgression. And if we have caught you, yes, we will fine also an animal we will take away.

- and what waits for the one who has brought and has sold to me the illegal live goods?

- For contraband under the law the criminal liability (the penalty to one million roubles or till seven years of prison is put. - Red.) . But to prove it it is difficult. Article works, only if the person catch with polichnym on border. And in the Bird`s market to prove the contraband fact it is almost impossible. The seller will simply tell, how same Bobyshev: a pier, excuse, I in the street have found it and have decided to sell. And we can fine only. Therefore we intend to make amendments to the law and to begin work on preventive maintenance. By the way, if you have seen that where - that trade   wild animals or contain them, call on « a hot line » wildlife management Department: (495 605 - 85 - 62.


- These offers of department - has put, of course, good, but to begin with it is necessary to create special department which would be engaged in animals in Moscow, - considers the vice-president of the Russian society of protection of animals « Fauna » Ilya Bluvshtejn. - Now neither the fauna department, nor ecological militia is not present. In - the second, the rehabilitation centres where it would be possible to bring these animals are necessary. And at last, it is necessary to think over the simple and clear mechanism on work with found ekzotami. For example, if have seen on Red Square of the photographer with a golden eagle - have complained in department. The inspector leaves, looks documents if they are not present, withdraws an animal and punishes the photographer - the infringer. Only not small, and, for example, corrective works.

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