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Winter weaknesses of a cat - cough, a cold, excess weight

The are closer house murki and barsiki cling to batteries, the colder.

Cats and cats, perhaps, most of all feel discomfort from come holodrygi. To them it is dangerous not only short walk on a balcony, but also banal « a siphon » from a window leaf.

at this time year first of all it is necessary to protect the pupil from an inflammation of a bladder (cystitis) and a cold. Especially risk short-haired and cats   without a woollen pall - sphinxes.

the basic sign of this delicate illness - a dry tray. Its animal avoids - it associates at it with a pain. The beast shouts, sitting down at every turn in tormenting attempts to leave a puddle.

in such situation it is necessary to pay immediately visit vetvrachu.


Also is rather unpleasant for these whimsical animals a cold.

as it is known, a wet and cold nose - an indicator of health of a cat. But you define cold at once. It is similar to all signs to the human.

- the nose mucous membrane swells, nasal courses are narrowed, - Natalia Semushkina speaks vetterapevt. - From - for it inhaled air does not get warm and is not cleared, and breath becomes complicated.   I urgently recommend to owners   to deprive of the favourites of walks,   to refrain from a bathing. And more, opening - closing a door on a balcony, be convinced that you kisonka has not slipped to breathe fresh air. Frequently owners do not notice that the animal remains outside, and at such frosts of 10 minutes it is enough to be ill.  


it is put ON the DIET

At cats there is one more winter problem - excess weight. The less than sun, the the pupil is lazier. Feel, how edges under a skin are badly probed? Urgently it is time to grow thin, differently spring you will meet with the whole bouquet of chronic sores. Is better to dump weight by means of active games, on half an hour twice a day. And, certainly, dietary food: a series forage « lajt » anything fat, cut down a portion. In case of seasonal adiposity it is possible to consult. But at all displays of cold of any self-treatment, only the doctor!

a healthy cat

well brushed. Carefully licks itself. Eats and drinks normally.   mews as usual. Uses a tray with normal results. From time to time there is a nausea after that looks normally. Supports constant weight.

an unhealthy cat

Careless. Slovenly behind. Becomes gluttonous or at all does not eat. Drinks too much or does not drink. Constantly gives tongue or it is extraordinary silent. A frequent numerous nausea. Looks languid. For one month or less adds or loses more than 10 % of the normal weight.