Rus News Journal

Leah well to march in step when all without cadence ?

the Reason - once a quarter, and even more often the oven simply breaks, because it is filled in with fans « Russian » - wet - a steam room. On regiments - four persons, including me. Two good-natured muzhichkov come:

- We will strike? Nobody against?

And, without waiting the public answer - as a rule, this phrase is not so much question, how much signal « weak » to leave, - splash on stones two glasses of boiled water. The steam room boils dairy clubs of delightful aroma. The people around udovletvorenno grunt. And I sit and silently I devour myself: « Here that you have kept silent, know, what it is impossible? » No, I very much love steam and a wormwood smell and consequently periodically I go to Russian bath. But here the Finnish sauna for which repairing someone regularly spends money. And the announcement, by the way, read all! And I have kept silent for three reasons: the first - a reluctance dismantlings (« I against, here am impossible! » - « the Girl, it is necessary to you most, a leah that? ») To spoil mood another and. The second - these, so will pour all the same, not others. But the third - the most important thing - it is not accepted to go at us against the people in favour of rules any there! And I speak now not about fear to be in opposition is even fashionably. I about strange, indistinct feeling: « Not on concepts ». Contempt for rules at us sits where - that in the heart of bones, there, where the mentality nests. Perhaps because « rules » is a system. And in our country concept « system » as - that associates at once with vertuhajami and KGB. Ugly, tactlessly it is considered to call each other to order. And especially - God forbid! - to complain on near administrations, because it « stukachestvo ». It, perhaps, second concept after « we will think for three » which drives pedantic Europeans in a stupor status. At them there « concepts » no, all is simple: You break - the penalty and universal condemnation. And at us excessive « correctness » other people easily simply to offend, thus at all without having corrected a situation. How to be?

well here tell to me fairly as you arrive, when all around « without cadence » and you want « in a foot »? In the same sauna... Or, for example, if you precisely know that by rules it is necessary to speak « to anticipate » and « katarsis » but people round you speak how more habitually. You will speak, how all? Or it is strict by rules, risking to pass « vypendruzhnikom » and to create at the interlocutor illusion, what you wanted to stick with his nose into its illiteracy? The same history and with zalivaniem kamenki in a sauna, and with the bull-calves thrown on sidewalk, and with remarks that who does not concede a place in the underground...

only in Russian a phrase « You the cleverest, a leah that? » It is conceived as a curse. Certainly, it is possible to tell: « Do that should and come what may ». One my acquaintance of TV - the announcer, for example, considers it necessary to do to colleagues of the remark about wrong accents. He speaks: « Well I am right ». And to it in the answer remember Ostapa Bendera who considered that « some pravdorubov need to be killed from a slingshot » and indulgently add: « Young you still, will grow up - will understand ».