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Question of day: a leah Many such villages Kushchevsky across Russia?

Oksana Andrijashkina, the head of TV program « Edge without suburbs » Krasnoyarsk

- I how much went on edge - a similar situation never met. But I think that such places as Kushchevsky much. I judge under publications on the Internet which tell that occurred many years ago and disappeared.

Valentina Salamatina, the teacher, Krasnoyarsk:

- When all know, but hide, means, there is any reason. And, probably, it not only fear. But also benefit. Such situations meet pretty often. Only consequences not such terrible.

Alexander GUROV, the general - the lieutenant of militia, the committee-man of the State Duma on security:

- On my memory it is the second case of massacre of the whole family. Racket 90 - h which we like would get rid, has again started to lift a head, was modified. I observe such in many areas: come on jeeps, start to clean farmers... With the organised crime now there is actually nobody to struggle. After all profile divisions have died. It is necessary to make careful investigation: why the such became possible? Than the local militia and FSB were engaged? After all speech actually goes about commercial terrorism.

Vladimir OVCHINSKY, the adviser of the chairman of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, the doctor of jurisprudence, the criminologist:

- Their large quantity! All country is actually covered, as metastasises, the whole network large OPG in which nobody is engaged. Simultaneously there is a mass shelter from the account of crimes, statistics falsification. In the same Kushchevsky more than 200 girls have been raped only for last year. Also there was no statement! It already crisis of a criminal policy.

Zahar PRILEPIN, the writer:

- In village where I live, and gangs it is not necessary - enough one mad which will force all population to live in fear. Because there is no normal administration, the divisional, at people elementary norms of self-defence are not developed. And in the regions adjoining on North Caucasian republics, the situation is three times more difficult.

Victor RYABOV, the farmer, Voronezh:

- Such villages - in each village and district. All each other know - at whom what sins, who whose relative, at whom what communications. The local crime crushes under itself business, and all are silent: one are afraid, at others a debt, the third have from it a share. And in big cities the same, only there the city is divided between several « owners ».

Talgat NIZAMUTDINOV, the lawyer, Bugulma, Tatarstan:

- In the districts removed from big cities, the power is concentrated in hands of a four: heads of settlement, the public prosecutor, the chairman of the court and the chief of militia. And from how much they are fair, and depends « a climate » in this area.

Oleg NESTEROV, the businessman, Saratov:

- The further to the remote place, the it is more. I come from one of such villages, therefore on the TV type serials « Gangs » I do not look. Children`s babble in comparison with a reality!

Ivan DJAGTEREV, the military pensioner, Kaliningrad:

- Certainly, there are settlements and small towns which gangsters, the former prisoners operate. People are silent, because are afraid to sweep. In such situations all hope of local militia. But frequently and it is tied with criminal authorities. It is terrible.

Andersen, the reader of a site:

- Yes all country at us - a village Kushchevsky. We as - that have imperceptibly lost one important human property - empathy. Why gangsters of two ten years beat and forced inhabitants and anybody anywhere has not informed on it? Why inhabitants have not rallied against gangsters? Why the neighbour easy looked, how mock at the neighbour? Here on these questions it would be desirable to receive answers.