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Maxim Kantor has shown the « the Volcano » passions

the Author suited this ejjafjatlajokudl on the occasion of an exit of the album of a drawing. He, however, prefers to name its atlas - under heading « the Volcano ». This atlas, it is necessary to tell, historical: the last century in persons: from Trotsky and Stalin`s portraits to present heads of the country. All it against wars and revolutions with which the XX-th century was rich.

the Picture the Self-portrait between Lenin and Putin from the atlas the Volcano .
the Photo: from archive.
One of pictures « the atlas »: Lenin and the German Kaiser arrange about revolution in Russia.

- the Word « the atlas » I have chosen not casually, - the Cantor explains. - at the time of the Middle Ages it meant all arch of knowledge of the world. There is an atlas geographical, biological, and I is devoted history. And the name « the Volcano » - sign. The society is fraught with eruptions - both present, and metaphorical. Explosions political are mixed with failures and soars in art. Why, ask, it becomes toothless and noncritical? And how differently - if it now only a background for a chewing of food and successful digestion of citizens?