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The prime minister has pushed a kernel

In the centre of sport preparation Vladimir Putin together with the minister of sports Vitaly Mutko have met young football players of the Sochi club « the Pearl ». Children whom now on 12 - 15 years, just spent training. And, as by 2018 than 20 years, probably will be it the little more, someone leaves them on football grounds of the World championship as a part of Russian national team.

training, of course, has stopped at once, and young sportsmen have surrounded the prime minister. Putin has told to children: « Victory of Russia in race for the championship gives to our country huge possibilities. Till 2015 before us there is the hugest problem: to construct 500 football grounds. We leave with the offer in each region of Russia to create the program of building of sports bases ».

While Putin examined the Federal centre « the South - Sports » the minister of sports has informed the correspondent «»:

- This centre will be passed in the near future athletes. Here there will be a pool, beaches, vacation spots for sportsmen and their families will be updated. And in the Olympic park - 2014 where building of covered football stadium on 45 thousand places is planned, group selection competitions on football to the championship - 2018 will be held. Besides, we plan to create the unique on the basis of Sochi is sports - improving base on many sports that all sports Russian national teams here could train.

after tea drinking with young football players Putin has come to see and paralimpijskuju Russian national team on track and field athletics which trains at this time in Sochi. The prime minister has approached to a pusher of a kernel to Alexey Smirnovu from Omsk, lost feet, but, despite an illness, storming paralimpijskie records. Has got acquainted with it and has tried to push a kernel itself.

- I the person healthy, and has pushed a kernel not better yours, - Putin paralimpijtsu admitted. - I am surprised to your courage and force. It is necessary to follow you an example.