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Director Rogozhkin has shot a film about mundial - 2018 in Moscow still two years ago

On the eve of the European championship - 2008 director Alexander Rogozhkin has published a film « Game » on which plot Russian national team conquers in the World championship on the football, passing in 2018 Moscow. At that time all event on the screen seemed an absolute fantasy. But after that, what`s happened on Thursday in Zurich, there is a sense to think of theomancy of Rogozhkina! As speech in a film goes just about possibility to foretell results of football matches. And the key role in a picture is played by actor Alexey Buldakov who possesses unique possibility to expect the future. We have called the actor and have set some questions on our general future.

- Alexey Ivanovich, starts to come true your film.

- There is a such!

- and on a film you also have foretold Russian national team victory. How think, this part too will come true?

- When - the same it is necessary to become champions. At us the good national team, does not suffice only the general anticipation of victory. At the crucial moment at all of us time something breaks. This time should not to break.

- As you have conceived our victory in Zurich?

- I was happy. This enormous event for the country.

- you in 2018 will go on stadium?

- I will be there every second!

Historical arena « the Dynamo » after restoration too will receive mundial.

- Give with you we will think: before the ending of our World championship I will call you, and you will make the forecast, as in a film.

- it is obligatory. And if also in the ending as at cinema, there will be our national team... Fie - fie - fie! Call, I will try to help ours and with life.