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the Tractor became a thunder-storm of rivals on bullitah

« the Tractor » vs « Salavat Yulaev » Ufa

there Was a sensation that a fuse « the Tractor » given out a series from five victories successively, has run low. In a match with ufimtsami cheljabintsy looked blankly and helplessly, partly rivals have taken a hand in it. « Salavat Yulaev » in last matches showed rational hockey with a bias on defence. If in the season beginning ufimtsy played « on - brazilski » — we will hammer, how much we will want, after a number of defeats tactics of the command of Vyacheslav Bykova has essentially changed. To what game in Chelyabinsk bore. The Ufa attacking helped defenders, closed all convenient zones for a throw — circles vbrasyvanija and space before the five-copeck coin. But behind this « discipline » it was not visible leaders: Radulova, Zinoveva, Toresena. They have created nothing. All goals became a consequence of gross errors of defence « the Tractor ».

Maxim Sokolov has hammered in the First goal to itself. Attacking from an inconvenient hand has thrown from an acute angle. The goalkeeper, trying to reflect a throw, has forwarded a washer under a crossbeam of gate. The second — became a consequence of a rough oversight of the Chelyabinsk players in the zone. Together they could not stop one rival, and were then switched off, and have allowed to finish. The third washer has visited collars after Alexander Shinin has lost it on the five-copeck coin. On the one hand « Salavat Yulaev » has successfully applied pressure. With another — being rolled out from - for a collar, Shinin could play easier, and not to admit loss. After the second period « Salavat » has broken away in three washers, than has practically provided to itself victory.

In a final third of match cheljabintsy have passed one more washer. Daniel Alistratov who has replaced Sokolov, has not saved a near corner from attack of Toresena. 0:4. « the Tractor » in turn tried to hammer and in item game looked more preferable. Attacking played a washer in another`s zone at boards and behind collars. But nobody climbed on a five-copeck coin. The traffic before the goalkeeper of the rival has disappeared, and it was powerful argument in the previous won matches. The good moments incidentally created Vitaly Jachmenev and Evgenie Kuznetsov. But to punch Kolesnika it it was not possible. And it not a merit of the goalkeeper of visitors. Throws went basically straight lines, without obstacles and change of a trajectory of flight of a washer.

Valery Belousov tried to shuffle structure. Has united Peter Vampolu and Dmitry Pestunova in one link, has let out Anton Burdasova instead of Hannesa Hjuvenena. But all has appeared vainly.

« the Tractor » vs « Ak the Leopard » Kazan

the Match has begun with item struggle. « Ak the Leopard » Maxim Sokolova tried to win space before collars, and also has given out some dangerous attacks to a descent. Could hammer in Danis Zaripov and Martsel Hossa, but two unsuccessful matches successively Maxim Sokolov has not allowed itself. In many respects thanks to it visitors have not moved in the bill already in the first period. Maxim tried not to suppose rebounds and covered a washer with any part of ammunition.

Visitors started to build defence in another`s zone, leaving there one player for pressure. Another was on duty on a dark blue line. Therefore « to the Tractor » it was necessary to begin attack from depth, sometimes from - for the collar. There were losses on the dark blue line, but they have not resulted in accidents. Gradually advantage has passed to owners. They have created a number of the dangerous moments in the majority, but the goalkeeper of citizens of Kazan of Vehanen has not allowed an occasion to doubt the skill.

Two periods have passed without goals, and in the third « Ak the Leopard » has hammered suddenly: The diagonal pass cut a zone and attacking has outstripped the defender. Sokolov has covered a lower corner, but the washer has left in the top part of gate. Alexander Sazonov`s answer has turned out shining: the most powerful shot from a dark blue line from a corner of a zone and well-aimed hit in the near nine. The goal has turned out both necessary, and beautiful. It is Alexander`s first success in a season. 1:1.

But soon « to the Tractor » again it was necessary to rescue a match, and time was ogranichenno. It seemed, victory already in a pocket « Ak the Leopard ». However cheljabintsam their fellow countryman Danis Zaripov has involuntarily helped. It has gone to the aid of defence, without having allowed Vehanenu to cover a washer, has tried to throw out itself it aside. But Rajmona rolled on gate to Fat has struck backhand, and has got to a framework, having evened up scores. 2:2.

In bullitah the skill was confirmed Sokolov, with Hjuvenen and Pestunov. Maxim has not allowed to hammer in Pesonenu and Morozovu. Hannes has sustained grossmejsterskuju a pause and a sight has hypnotised Vehanena. Then Pestunov has finished « Ak the Leopard » having found a crack between a shoulder of the goalkeeper and a crossbeam. 2:0 the bill on bullitam, and 3:2 — in a match.


In both meetings « the Tractor » until the last minute attacked and tried to hammer. In the first game it has not turned out. But in the second has not done without a share farta. As it is known, « carries to the one who carries ». It is necessary to note also skilful connection of Rajmona to Fat when it has evened up scores in a match with citizens of Kazan. It has executed functions of the attacking.

it is very important that the command managed to recoup. In such situations, especially in the regular championship, many hockey players stop to play long before a final siren. CHeljabintsy fought up to the end, and have received an award in the form of two earned points. Matches between « the Tractor » and « Ak the Leopard » last years have basic character. In 2008, for example, the match in Kazan has ended with mass slaughter. This time judges have calmed down in time rivals, having punished six hockey players 10 - minute disciplinary penalties.

it is necessary to note Sazonov`s shot. He threw so confidently as though scores such goals in each match. The goalkeeper was powerless.

it is regular since the third period sits down on a bench of Hannes Hjuvenen. It does not have not enough speed, and in a final third of match it is not capable to aggravate game. But it « able fingers » already two times brought success on bullitah — in matches with « JUgroj » and « Ak the Leopard ». But in due course Hannes should raskatitsja and add in movement. After all in this season before transition in « the Tractor » it has won back only six matches in the European championship.