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City - the manager of Murmansk has appointed to itself assistants

officially entered on December, 1st in a post of the head of administration of Murmansk Andrey Sysoyev has spent the first personnel purposes. One of them was quite predicted. During elections of the head of administration Andrey Sysoyev has promised that in case of victory it takes obligatory the competitor on Alexey Lyzhenkova`s competition to itself in the command. Andrey Ivanovich has constrained a word. Also Vitaly Petrovich Rozyskul is appointed to a post of the deputy head.

we Will remind that Alexey Lyzhenkov in the mayoralty the person not the new. In 2002 he has headed management of housing and communal services of the city, renamed subsequently in committee on municipal economy development. Since 2006   is the assistant to the mayor, from time to time fulfilling duties of the first person of the regional centre.

As to Vitaly Rozyskula it is well familiar to Andrey Sysoyev on work in the City Council. At one time Vitaly Petrovich was the chief is information - analytical department of city parliament. Also Rozyskul is known as the skilled political strategist. On last elections in the Murmansk regional Duma it was one of heads of a staff « an United Russia ».

  … and the governor – the Minister of Finance

  on December, 1st the post of the Minister of Finance of Murmansk area was entered by Tatyana Poronova. The decision about it was signed by governor Dmitry Dmitrienko.

Tatyana Mihajlovna was born in the city of Angarsk of the Irkutsk region. Has ended Irkutsk institute of a national economy on a speciality « economy and the building organisation » (Qualification – the engineer - the economist). Recently worked as the assistant to the mayor of Angarsk and the Minister of Finance of the Irkutsk region.

Tatyana Poronova became the second person in the command to Dmitrienko invited from the Irkutsk region. Earlier inhabitant of Irkutsk Alexander Vedernikov has been appointed to a post vitse - the governor.