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Russia should demand from Europe of $2 trillion for mental cruelty

So, the European court has awarded on 71 666 euros for each victim from bombardment. Without calling in question this decision, it would be desirable to remind that in the same court affairs on the lost Poles ostensibly shot by People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs near Smolensk in 1940 lie now, and the decision on them also can be not in favour of Russia, and the sum of indemnifications there can be ready above. Affairs are already accepted to consideration.

it is very good that the European court has remembered mental cruelty. It would be possible even to agree with these new approaches, but with small specification: if the decision to award Russia indemnification of mental cruelty for our lost inhabitants in war of the countries of the present European Union against Russia in 1941 - was simultaneously accepted 1945

by In this time civilised Europeans it is purposely exterminated in occupied territories of 7 420 379 persons, 2 164 313 persons were lost on forced hard labour in Germany, was lost from purposely cruel conditions of an occupational mode of 4,1 million, is destroyed in 2,5 million concentration camps - all 16 million 166 thousand persons in which number, I will notice, victims at the front and in hospitals military men do not enter are a separate case.

total it turns out that Europe only for civilians and destroyed in camps captured owes to us, under these own new quotations, 1 trillion 148 billion euro, or over one and a half trillions dollars!

To it, certainly, it is necessary to add indemnification for violently taken out on works to Germany peace citizens, and it is 5 million 269 thousand 513 persons which worked to Germany and its allies in position of slaves that, under the most modest bill, pulls on 300 - 400 billion euro.

thus, the sum of indemnifications of our mental cruelty - only moral, we here yet did not consider a physical damage - exceeds 2 trillion dollars. (Not all) we compensated a material damage part by reparations, but anybody and never paid to us of a damage moral! It is time to remember this question in connection with new approaches of the European court.

after all actually in numbers vermahta and allied armies Germans wared against it with us, Hungarians, Romanians, the Austrians, Czechs, Poles, Italians and Frenchmen are only those which number was measured in armies by armies and divisions.

Certainly, money should be divided between families of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus which has suffered from war. But it is a great sum, on all will suffice.

this sum very much would be useful to inhabitants of the Voronezh region where during occupation 28 % of the population were lost, Rostov region where every third was lost. In a number of our cities it has been destroyed about 80 % of the pre-war population, and in Stalingrade - 88 %...

the Question on blockade Leningrad should be put separately. The city was blocked by forces of Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland. Their crime that they have not given to the peace population of humanitarian corridors for an exit from the besieged city that has entailed mullions-strong a victim. Perhaps we should dig out the Piskarevsky cemetery and   to count victims? Or the dug out Polish officers make upon Europe, but in any way Russian tombs impression only?

I Think, it is necessary to cease to sit out and vchinit the claim to Europe on $2 trillion. And to a legal investigation - to freeze all payments under Eurocourt decisions.

... As about 2 trillion, the Lord Europeans? Will suffice denjushek - that?

Figures of victims in war are taken from statistical research under edition of professor AVN the general - the colonel G.Krivosheeva « Russia And the USSR In XX-th century WARS ».