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The editor of the newspaper This history   has found a family for the babe

; has occurred in the cold December evening.   Evgenie came back from business trip and went by the car with the driver on the settlement. Suddenly in deserted dark street has seen the drunk man with tiny   the child in open walking   to a carriage. The man already left for line of settlement, leaving all further and further. Evgenie has seen that the child polurazdet and cannot cry from a cold any more, simply sobs and slowly freezes. After all in the street snow and a frost, and is dressed the kid obviously not on a season: thin toddlers, the same thin panties, a boot on one foot (on the second it why - that was not) and thin kurtochka   on a baby`s undershirt.
- I wanted to take away from the man of the child and to warm in the warm car, - tells Evgenie. - but that, raising at me, did not give the girl. I have called militia, but   delay could cost much to the babe. And consequently we with   the driver simply - naprosto have taken away the girl at a grief of daddy, and have quickly left in militia where first aid has already approached.
in children`s branch of hospital it was found out that the kid – the girl of 8 months. A crumb   have cured of cold, and the father have soon deprived of the parental rights (mum at that point in time already has been deprived them).
In the regional newspaper, as Evgenie`s which editor also works declared the mercy action. While the child was in hospital, it did not need what: to the qualified treatment of physicians human kindness has increased. Here bore all: pampers, toys, fruit, clothes. Evgenie traced destiny of the girl, constantly told about it   on pages « rajonki ». And soon for the babe there were parents. She was adopted by kind people together with the brother who too remained without care of parents.
- So I have participated in destiny of this babe, - remembers Evgenie Zhigovets.   - And where her father, not clearly carried. After all there, where it went, there was only a thrown building were svinobazy and a local cemetery. Who knows, what thoughts were at it in a head …

Soon daddy have deprived of the parental rights. And the girl thanks to not indifferent people has found a good family.

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