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Blogera - pravdoruba and the former adviser Nikita Belyh suspect of corruption

Bloger - pravdorub has got into a mess! So for Alexey Navalnogo`s opponents news that suspect him of corruption looks.

has put it of annual prescription. Then Alexey Navalnyj was the adviser of the governor of the Kirov region - the old friend Nikita Belyh. Under the version of the investigation, bloger has urged the former director of State Unitary Enterprise « Kirovles » Vyacheslav Opaleva to sign the contract on delivery of wood which has appeared unprofitable for the enterprise and has yielded it losses on 1 300 000 roubles.

the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Privolzhsky federal district has inspected about it and now passes business materials in Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Kirov region.

it is necessary to tell, history with this wood and Kirovlesom has played a fatal role lives of Navalnogo. As he writes in a blog, « Such infernal swindler on a surname Opalev was the director of the enterprise. It has organised any absolutely inconceivable schemes on wood realisation. I have started to flatten this swindler about centralisation and a sale transparency. As a result I have achieved its dismissal and decision-making on carrying out of full audit of the enterprise. Then, to my astonishment, swindler Opaleva on work have restored, and audit did not begin to do, having ignored the decisions accepted at all levels of the Kirov power. It has made on me, I remember, the big impression and actually became a principal cause why to me it became uninteresting to improve life in separately taken area and I have left Kirov ».

And legs of it « forged business » it is assured eks - Nikita Belyh`s adviser, grow from « Transneft » (now the company has legal proceedings with blogerom). Navalnyj, being one of shareholders of the company, has published documents on which ostensibly it turned out that under pipeline building « Transneft » it is stolen 4 billion dollars from the state budget.

- I so understand that the basic idea consists in that I have not returned to the Russian Federation, having been frightened of forged business (Now Navalnyj abroad - whether in the USA, whether in England. - Red.) .

About the firm intention to continue business « Transneft » Navalnyj also has declared in the diary:

-... Even if tomorrow you will bring action concerning my participation in theft of the Golden Fleece, the Amber room and Ajpada of president Medvedev.

while SKP across the Kirov region inspects on the materials which have arrived from GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on PFO. It will last from ten days about one month. Find out, a leah is crime signs in actions of Navalnogo. If so eks - the adviser of the Kirov governor will involve under article « Causing of a property damage by a deceit or breach of confidence ». And it is term till five years and the penalty - to 80 000 roubles.

and in the meantime, the head of region Nikita Belyh has written in the blog that any claims « Kirovles » and the area government to Navalnomu is not present:

«... And here to the former director « Kirovlesa » Opalevu on which indications, judging by materials of mass-media, claims to Navalnomu are under construction, is. Under the direction of Opaleva it is the enterprise has worked in 2009 - m to year at a loss 180 million roubles. At management change Kirovlesa we said at once that satisfactory it is impossible to consider work of Opaleva. And when have in details analysed position of the enterprise and its transaction have directed some statements to law enforcement bodies on excitation of criminal cases. But to show activity and to bring actions pravoohraniteli why - that not steels, but there were ridiculous charges on Navalnomu whom, I will remind, held fast of the adviser on public principles, the personnel state employee was not and operated only within the limits of college bodies of type of the commissions and working groups ».

« the Uttermost absurdity » named a situation and the deputy the governor Maria Gaydar.

- Me the governor has told that this subject emerged still one year ago, still then Kirovles directed an official paper that no damage from Navalnogo is present and cannot be. As to the main witness on business of mister Opaleva on it 6 times tried to file criminal charges and represented to Office of Public Prosecutor documents bearing to plunders, abusings and other. All very much were perplexed, why the Office of Public Prosecutor refuses to bring action and to make investigation... Were perplexed, were perplexed and here it chyo has appeared... In a word, business - fire wood, but from fire wood can easily inflame a flame.