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Shareholders Amur Russia : We against insignificant indemnifications, we want, that our houses have completed

past Saturday an order of 250 shareholders and investors « Russia » have gathered for the next meeting. People left on the area to inform to the regional authorities the disagreement with their policy.

- On Thursday there was a meeting of shareholders with the governor. On it was more than 50 persons. On Saturday we have held meeting and wanted, that somebody left representatives of the power to the people and more time all has explained, after all in the street has gathered much more people, - Alexey Horoshevsky , the representative of initiative group of shareholders of Open Company « has explained ; Russia ». – But, as we waited, anybody and did not leave. Then have decided to go to them, but, alas, all doors of the government have been closed on the lock. Even protection did not leave.

On the meeting the gathered demanded full completion of houses and execution of all obligations to investors of firm. People do not agree   so that it it is simple - naprosto have paid small indemnifications instead of completing apartments.

Also the firms which have suffered from actions have made the complaint in Arbitration court.

- We want, that the court has cancelled that decision which was accepted at meeting of creditors on December, 7th when the majority has voted for bankruptcy « Russia » - Alexey Leonidovich has told. -   After all during voting many at all have not handed over the forms because not all could understand several pages of the text.

Consideration of this complaint will take place on December, 20th, and the arbitration managing director who within a month will estimate cost of property of firm - the bankrupt, and also its financial possibilities necessary for calculation with creditors on December, 22nd will be already appointed.

By the way, on Saturday shareholders not only gathered for meeting under government windows, but also have organised so-called indicative capture of one of not completed houses of microdistrict Solar. People in such a way wanted to show that they against sold their houses at auction, as have expressed in the requirements:

are our houses, and we will give them to nobody! On their sale we will not admit auction! If the state has decided to make bankrupt Open Company « Russia » it should take away our contracts and provide completion of objects at the expense of property of the builder.

And At this time

For the decision of problems of shareholders it will be allocated 20 million roubles

As explain in the regional government, it is only initial sum. It can change in the big party depending on that, how much the person will write applications (for reception of the help citizens should write and be converted independently it into corresponding bodies) and will enter into the register. Now just there is a search of sources at the expense of what there will be necessary replenishments.

Money wants to divide fifty-fifty – on building and social support of victims. That is 10 million roubles will spend for completion of houses, and others of 10 million – on payments of indemnifications.