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In Rostov the exhibition " has opened; Flowers and aromas

In showroom business - the centre « Clever House » the exhibition unusual to winter has opened. Here 42 works of the merited artist of Russia Igor Rebrov with the image of colours and more than hundred bottles and aromas from a personal collection of the chief of a municipal government of culture of Lyudmila Lisitsynoj, in combination the known collector in Rostov are presented. An exhibition named simply « Flowers and aromas ».
Each picture – a separate bouquet. Each bottle of perfume – a bouquet of aromas and an interesting story in a makeweight. Lyudmila Lisitsyn asserts that people to the full not only have not learnt to use spirits, but also have not understood up to the end as they influence state of health and mood.

- I collect many years bottles of various spirits and perfumery sets of different years, - Lyudmila Pavlovna , - all speaks, probably, about thousand will be typed. But collection from them at most pieces two hundred. I fill up a collection in all possible ways: I exchange, I buy on « flea » the market, through the Internet, I participate in thematic auctions.


In a collection Lisitsynoj is also exhibits when - that belonging to known people: Chanel 5 bottle of perfume, which   Michael Sholokhov has brought the daughter, spirits of grand daughter Gerlena (the known French perfumer — avt .) . At an exhibition it is possible to see spirits and bottles 19 - go, and also the beginnings of 20 centuries of domestic and foreign perfumers.
today the collector reflects on the next personal exhibition (last passed in Taganrog two years ago), after all since that moment the collection has considerably replenished.