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The foundling of the Sleepyhead can have mum and the father

- Hello, « you about the girl the Sleepyhead wrote It? Prompt, how to us svzjaatsja with guardianship concerning an adoption?

This call neskazannno has pleased all edition « ». Still – we so hope that for the babe of the Sleepyhead, in November thrown in a hostel entrance, there will be loving hands of mum and the father. The asterisk the Sleepyhead became the heroine of articles in newspapers and plots on TV. The healthy newborn, « forgotten » the grief - mummy, now pleases doctors from children`s republican hospital - grows, eats and shouts, as absolutely normal baby, gvoorjat medki. Here only wishing to adopt Sonechku why - that were not built in turn – though many childless couples dream of the baby without special problems with health...

And here has come true – the Syktyvkar family reading about the girl in « has become interested in the babe; All - taki, probably, are New Year`s miracles. And if on the eve of a favourite feast the lonely kid finds loving parents – it will be the best to volume acknowledgement.

to Syktyvkartsu Nikolay and his wife - for 43 years. The pair already has an adult son, and the husband with the wife have reflected on the adoptive child: why is not present, if there are still forces and desire to give love?

- the Son has matured, at it soon the kiddies will, we one remain. And here I read about the Sleepyhead and I think — it is necessary to try! And the wife supports me. It still 5 years ago taking the kid from children`s home, stammered. The fear at us is not present, if only it has turned out. Can will prompt, where to me to be converted? - Nikolay Valentinovich asks us.

We have, of course, prompted to Nikolay phones of bodies of guardianship. There syktyvkartsu will explain, what documents are necessary for procedure of an adoption and a leah can become the Sleepyhead a daughter in this family. Anyway we are glad that business has moved! And, probably, extremely begun life of the babe will soon begin to flow smoothly and measuredly – with a loving family.