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Anton Makarsky: « Let`s not finish Kirkorov, to it it is the now heaviest! »

Anton and Victoria for the first time profits to us with a live concert. In voskrsene actors two and a half an hour stirred public with a pathetic vocal, bribed sincere dialogue and amused jokes.

improvisation Makarsky with mobile phones samartsev became the Highlight of the program. The actor has jumped off from a scene in a hall, went on numbers, sang something in French   also selected at fans mobile phones. The actor obligingly removed at first itself, then passed a microphone to the fan and wrote down, as women   echoed the substitute. This reception has called a storm of emotions in a hall, and to Makarsky the chain   was pulled; bouquets from grateful fans.  

As a result the people so « it was lighted » that did not want   to release children from a scene,   long bathed in an applause, saw off standing. After     two-hour show   Makarsky, squeezed out as lemons   have gone   in   a make-up room.   on a way them has intercepted align = centre border = 0 cellpadding = 2 cellspacing = 1 class = AImage style = clear: both >

Makarsky helped admirers to remove itself on cameras and phones
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- a leah you Heard about loud scandal with Phillip Kirkorov`s participation? – has taken an interest   « ».

  - Anyway to raise a hand against the woman, it is unworthy,     – Anton has responded. - I do not know, how there was actually, provocation it or not, but let`s not finish nevertheless Kirkorov, after all to it it is the now heaviest! As the actor has publicly recanted.

    - Worst of all punish itself the person can only, - has supported   the Makarsky spouse. - at us with Phillip perfect relations, we worked together in a musical « the Underground »   have travelled the half-world and to Samara, by the way, too looked. I can tell that with us - actors -   Phillip showed only the best human qualities. I certainly, in shock, from this history.

Anton and Victoria on interview constantly interrupted each other
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sang the praises of the native mother-in-law

the Song « Eternal love » from a film   « Teheran 43 »   Makarsky   has executed, as he admitted, for mum Victoria. The favourite mother-in-law has disposed, that Anton sang this composition at each concert. And the actor fairly carries out   the promise.

  - Always   Was surprised, why in Russia muzhiks so do not love the mothers-in-law?   -   the actor was indignant from a scene. -   here at me perfect relations with mum Vicks, directly - taki idilija! It is ready to sing each concert for it favourite   songs! When mum Vicks comes to us on a visit, we communicate the whole nights, having forgotten about all on light. It is interesting that when has tried to dispel a national myth about mothers-in-law, began to interview in different cities with surprise has found out that I - a unique exception to the rules. When has asked the overflowed hall of Krasnoyarsk: « Who likes the mother-in-law? » – three hands have risen only. And in Syzran – only one hand, and that the guy was obviously tipsy.

In each city Makarsky search for adherents among spectators - those who really loves the mother-in-law
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In the Samara philharmonic society anybody has not lifted a hand. But Makarsky, without changing a subject, has sung some more songs of a retro for the senior generation and has suggested to make on December, 12th   - in the All-Russia afternoon of the mother-in-law.  

- Why day of mother and day of protection of children is, - and day of the mother-in-law is not present? – the actor has smiled.  

New year will spend in Tolyatti

Not so long ago Makarsky were with tours in Autohailstones. In   a recreation centre « Autovaz » There was a notice, and after a concert to   to Anton and Victoria the director of the large enterprise   has come; also has invited to work on New Year`s   korporative. And, instead of traditional New Year`s evening toljattinets has reserved once again a live concert, the same program « It and It » which   actors have executed this day.

Tsyganochka with an exit performed by Makarsky
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- We if it is fair, were taken aback, - Victoria has told - As after korporativa to us have suggested some days to have a rest in sanatorium where - that under Tolyatti, in pine to a pine forest at Volga. But with pleasure have agreed, why and is not present!   All the same on January, 1st planes do not fly. We remain to 2 - go to breathe   pure wood air!  

Actors admitted that go on tour   much; recently and days off did not see more month. Now at a matrimonial couple the schedule goes to pieces from concerts and korporativov, and after new year Anton and at all   will disappear for the whole year   for the sake of shootings   grandiose 100 serial films.  

the Female half of auditorium has been fascinated by gallantry of the actor
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the Actor since the childhood did not believe in Santa Claus.

to Readers « on the eve of New year Makarsky have wished to rejoice to the most simple things in the life, to sparkling snow, the winter sun, children   and to all volume,   that does not concern   to material assets.

- I believe till now in the Grandfather of a frost, kind angels and that dreams come true,   -   admitted   Victoria   The Makarsky. – it is convinced that all of us we live in the magic world. I concern it as seriously, as to the real physical world. The person understands what to break physical laws it is impossible, but why people constantly break spiritual laws? It   even more seriously, same destroys soul!

  - But to live one dreams too it is impossible, - Anton has corrected the spouse. - after all real life is much richer and more interesting. Here for me since the childhood there was no Father Frost. Because I the actor in third generation. From the earliest age came on fur-trees to the Penza drama theatre, rose in a corner and sceptically observed, how kiddies with open mouths look at my native grandfather in a fur coat and with a beard! Now to Michael Jakovlevichu Kaplan 78 years, he plays till now the leading parts and is permanent Father Frost at theatre.  

we Give thanks « L - a concert »   for the help in material preparation