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In Ekaterinburg the wife of the deputy minister of defence of the USA suited a jeweller exhibition

On opening in Ekaterinburg exhibitions of modern American jeweller art   « the Fox of Vershbou and friends » I was late a little and now in crowd of spectators tried to define – where here a Fox. It was supposed that the wife eks - the ambassador of the USA in Russia Alexander Vershbou should look as deeply low-necked grandiose lady in an improbable vesper dress, probably, with boredom engaged « rukodelem » to that we should be touched. But it has appeared that the Fox – rather sociable woman, and « rukodelem » she is engaged not with boredom, and on calling. At herself in America it first of all is known as the artist - the jeweller and the professor of art school in Alexandria, and then as the wife of the official.

the Fox and its friends on jeweller shop are in Ural Mountains under the invitation of consulate general of the USA in Ekaterinburg. Within four days they showed the art in Chelyabinsk, and since December, 13th it is possible to contemplate creativity of Americans in Ekaterinburg, in a museum of history of stone-cutting and jeweller art. Having used that the Fox has arrived to Ural Mountains, it was there and then caught to themselves by students. While in a museum exhibits were placed, Lisa Vershbou imparted experience with representatives of UrGAHA. UrFU, UGGGU. It had a just cause on the master - a class: all - taki the Fox also the honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Rector UrGaHa Alexander of Old men has made to the Fox the proposal. A pier, throw - ka you the America, the Washington, and ezzhajte - ka to us to Ekaterinburg, we on stand will give the rate to you – will teach jeweller art. The wife of the diplomat has responded diplomatically so Alexander Starikov has not lost hope that the Fox when - nibud will arrive.

it was in passing found out that at the Fox – the Russian roots. From here, from Russia, and its propensity to juvelirke, to work with metal.

- Mine pra - pra - the great-grandfather lived in Russia, it was the smith and did pipes for samovars, - has told to the correspondent « - Ural Mountains » the Fox of Vershbou.

Usual bottle glass ground in sea waves has settled down in an elegant frame. Look the photo report about an exhibition.
a photo: Vladimirs ANDREYS

- Perhaps, from these samovars and today someone drinks tea? From this most which did pra - pra - the great-grandfather of the wife of the former ambassador of the USA in Russia …

- it is clear, these subjects of a life now the big rarity, but praprapradedushka   did the work very honesty, so some samovars, in which it « took part » quite could live till today`s time.

the Fox and its friends - jewellers do paradoxical things. At Vershbou the whole philosophy. It takes colour bottle glass, grind it, does a metal or plastic frame. The work of art turns out. Glass, metal, plastic – here elements of jeweller Vershbou. A fox have estimated, when she lived in Russia – then in the State Hermitage there has passed its exhibition « Jeweller avant-guard ». In 2003 in Ekaterinburg too there passed its exhibition. And here in six years Lisa Vershbou again at us with the latest works and with products of the friends-. Gretchen Rejber, Barbro Eriksdotter Gendel, Sjuzen Sanders and Michael Gudom. The exhibition will last till December, 19th inclusive.


at the Museum of history of stone-cutting and jeweller art.
the address: Lenin`s Prospectus, d. 37 (opposite to the Work area, near to Glavpochtamtom and a monument to Popovu).
an exhibition Operating time « the Fox of Vershbou and friends. Colour and the form »: from 11 o`clock till 18 o`clock (cash desk – till 17 o`clock), cost of the ticket 50 rivers