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Omich, the named pre-trial detention centre a fascist concentration camp, will pay for the words of 8 200 roubles

In June of this year in a network there was a videoclip in which omich Alexander Kurmelev tells about a pre-trial detention centre 3. We give of its word literally:
- the SI - 3 is a correctional facility federal in which tortures and violence over people prosper: there people beat, suffer indignity, to revilings. Heads this new Osventsim of the Omsk region somebody Shmalts and its right hand, the main executioner - Linnik. On them repeatedly prisoners of this institution, on - to another them I can not name, wrote complaints to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Omsk region, and, nevertheless, all checks do not establish legislation infringements, and these people continue to work on the place, - Kurmelev speaks.

Having seen record, the insulator management was converted with the claim into October district court. From the author they demanded indemnification of moral harm in favour of an insulator of 200 thousand roubles, in favour of the chief and zama on 300 thousand roubles to everyone. Also Linnik and Shmalts asked to deny all told in the video reference.

According to Kurmeleva, about the atmosphere reigning in a pre-trial detention centre - 3, he has learnt from a mouth of a companion to which had to visit there as the suspect.

- From January, 15th till February, 20th this year I was in a pre-trial detention centre 3. All this time over me scoffed: forced to sing loudly in a corridor a hymn, to shout by heart regulations, for default - on 100 - 200 times to squat with a mattress on shoulders, to exhaustion to stand on « to an extension » to jump up with a clap over a head, in the shower hung up fastened by handcuffs on a lattice, pulled for feet, unscrewed joints. All these violations saw the deputy chief. In its office I talked to it kneeling is there was an order. Through the brother and the lawyer I wrote complaints to various bodies. But after checks excitation of criminal cases refused, - friend Kurmeleva Dmitry has told in a hall of court.

Of this pre-trial detention centre complained not only Dmitry. It has appeared that such statements with complaints - 37! Their authors speak about the same mockeries and tortures from employees of a pre-trial detention centre.

- We spent checks on the facts of excess of powers of office of workers of SI 3. But excitation of criminal cases it has been refused, as the data stated in complaints, have not proved to be true. And the bases for excitation of criminal cases are not present, - a deputy head WITH on the Soviet district of SOU SK has explained at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Omsk region Alexander Marjutin. - Under some arrived statements additional checks now are spent.

- having considered materials of cases and having listened to all parties, the court has decided that words of Kurmeleva - only its personal opinion based on the facts known to it. So each person has the right to express the opinion, to receive and extend the information and ideas without intervention from the public authorities and irrespective of frontiers, - have told in October district court. - and such phrases as « New Osventsim of the Omsk region » « the main executioner » - only estimated judgements which cannot be checked up on reliability.

As a result the court has decided to collect from Alexander Kurmeleva in favour of the Federal budgetary pre-trial detention centre, the chief and the deputy chief indemnification of moral harm - on two thousand roubles in favour of everyone. Besides, Kurmelev will compensate court costs to a pre-trial detention centre - two thousand roubles and to claimants - on 100 roubles to everyone. To challenge the decision any of the parties did not become, and one of these days it has entered validity.

the Name of friend Kurmeleva is changed.