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In the Ulyanovsk region there will be a Nanotehnologichesky centre

the Project scale: its realisation is estimated in 1,2 billion roubles. Creation of Nanotsentra will be under personal control of the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozova. The government of area and « is fast; ROSNANO » will enter into the investment agreement on creation of the Nanotehnologichesky centre. Except state corporation which should enclose in the project of 758 million roubles, participation in centre creation will accept Open Society « Corporation of development of the Ulyanovsk region » (57 million roubles) and private investors. From them it is planned to receive 296 million roubles of investments. The government of the Ulyanovsk region gives a building and the ground area for building of the centre.

according to the General director of Open Society « Corporation of development of the Ulyanovsk region » Dmitry Ryabov, Nanotsentr becomes the largest scientific structure which will be engaged in working out and search of new technologies, their advancement and commercialisation. Nuclear technologies, instrument making and designing, basically in spheres of motor industry and the defensive industry, and also materials with new properties become key specialisations of the Ulyanovsk Nanotehnologichesky centre.

except Corporation of development of the Ulyanovsk region and the Ulyanovsk technopark such organisations are involved in the project, as Scientifically - research institute of nuclear reactors, by Diatomitovyj industrial complex, Open Society « Rock ». Besides, interest to the project shows some more large partners, in which number UAZ and the company « Volga - Dnepr ».

It is planned that building repair under Nanotsentr will be finished by the end of 2011, during the same period purchase of the necessary equipment will begin.

- All got equipment will be connected with already existing projects, - Dmitry Ryabov marks. - its cost will make about 600 million roubles. The equipment will be established on several platforms: the Ulyanovsk technopark, « Rock » Diatomitovyj industrial complex, NIIAR. These four platforms will be the centres of collective using that is especially important for participants of the project.

in the Ulyanovsk region the command of the experts having long-term experience in branch of high technologies and manufactures will be generated.

- for Ulyanovsk it is the unique project, - considers fulfilling duties of the General director of Open Society « the Ulyanovsk technopark » Andrey Redkin. - Level of payment which is put for employees of Nanotsentra, will allow to employ the best shots of the country. We already now are engaged in it.

On predesigns, the Nanotehnologichesky centre in Ulyanovsk will pay off in 10 years after opening.