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the Stalingradsky falcon has received in an award 100 years of life

One more state award has received to the 100 - to summer anniversary known « stalingradsky a falcon » - the pilot, lieutenant colonel Anatoly FEDULOV who lives today in Volgograd. The deputy of State Duma Iljaz MUSLIMOV has brought to it to a gift the Certificate of honour of parliament of the country which is equated to the state award.

Anatoly Fedulov – the person unique. It name the coeval of the Russian aircraft. Many significant symbols in his life. The future pilot almost simultaneously from well-known Kachej, before &ndash was born; Stalingradsky military aviation school of pilots (SVAUL) it. Of Stalingradsky Krasnosznamennogo of proletariat. On leaving school, in this school Fedulov also will arrive. On June, 14th, 1930 it the first time will sit down for steering wheel R - 1. And after two years will end school, yet without knowing that waits its not only peace sky, but also front.

the First years of military service have been connected with Ural Mountains, Siberia, the Far East. And then – the Great Patriotic War. A film « To fight there are one old men » is about it and its companions. In days of war Fedulov – komesk 90 Guards assault regiments 4 - j the Guards aviadivision.

Only in 1954 the military service has ended. It is interesting that Fedulov`s flight biography has contained almost all history of the Russian aircraft: from the first planes to the jet.

And today Anatoly Ivanovich calls admiration professionals. When once it flied to Moscow on a meeting of veterans, crew even has shown it the modern technics.

In the 100 years it perfectly looks – and it too is unique. Every day itself goes to walk and itself rises on the fifth floor. The pilot - the legend considers as the recipe of longevity a healthy way of life and the kind relation to people. Even at the front did not abuse « front » and never lost optimism. About its cheerfulness says that fact that on each new place of the service, necessarily sat down a tree.  

Fellowship and mutual aid for it – the law. By the way, the first fighting award, order of the Red Banner, has received that has rescued the companion. Too the unique fact. After all it has appeared that it has rescued the future Soviet cosmonaut – George Beregovogo …

When the Volgograd deputy Iljaz Muslimov handed over to the legendary pilot the Certificate of honour from the State Duma remarkable coincidence too was found out. It appears, the future deputy when - that dreamt of the sky. Even went to school young cosmonauts in that Kache. But the destiny has developed on - to another – service in army has passed « pograntsom » In frontier troops of KGB of the USSR, and then has entered legendary technical college   - MEPhI, on a speciality of the physicist - jadershchika. Too the advanced front, only the scientific.

But nevertheless youthful dream of Iljaza Muslimova to become the pilot   has found continuation. In the summer of this year it has taken part in the organisation of commemorating 100 - letija the Russian aircraft in Volgograd. There also has got acquainted with Fedulov. After that the remarkable history of last state award of Anatoly Ivanovicha &ndash has followed; the Certificate of honour of the State Duma of Federal Meeting of Russia.

- When I have told about Anatoly Ivanovicha`s life to the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, it has been shaken. Gryzlov has told « Such as Fedulov, more simply is not present. Such – worth its weight in gold ».

the Estimation flight and martial art of the legendary Volgograd pilot are high state awards – Lenin`s order, the Red Banner, Alexander Nevsky, Patriotic war I and II degree, the Red Star. But also set of medals. To place all of them, there is no also one uniform …

To a centenary of the veteran of aircraft of Iljaz Muslimov from itself has personally presented to a family of Fedulovyh a gift for tea drinking – beautiful porcelain service.

- such people learn all of us to build the life, the character, to put before themselves the high purposes and to achieve them, - Muslimov considers. – They pass us gold moral fund - selflessness, courage, will power, patience, fidelity to a debt and the Native land. And it is very important for vital success and for all our country.