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Well also what, what the half-naked? And state employees and pensioners unless not with a naked bottom sit?

recently we wrote that the initiative anxious by destiny of region omichek at last - that was carried out. To the public there was an erotic calendar on which pages of the girl bare not only, but a problem of shortage of places in kindergartens, Omsk long-term constructions - the underground and the airport in Fedorovke, decline on village and etc. In a word, as they consider, a chest rise on protection of a native city (see « Bared and anxious by region problems omichki have got to magazine « Maxim » ») . Here that our readers and visitors of a site think of it.

-   « In life they are lawyers, managers on sales, reklamshchitsy » - any normal and creative trade from listed - it is sad. And then of life we complain - to work - that nobody! Here about a kindergarten they « have joked » and among them is though one teacher?

- Tell to me, what has changed after girls have shown the bodies? Except homebrew models it, by and large, also is not necessary for anybody... And, surrenders to me, the idea is secondary.

- Though it is not new, but as omichu, me on a trick. Little girls - super!

Mum of the adult daughter:
- it is nice and with humour. And at whom the sense of humour is not present criticise...

the citizen:
-   And why there is no picture of the teacher of school of arts with the signature: « For the salary in 4 500 roubles to put on it is useless? »

- Good fellows, little girls! And problems have shown themselves also have bared...

- If only to undress, and problems, in general - that, and it is not visible.

- the officials creating these problems, only will be glad such « to threat » for itself, favourite. Also will take care, that with them and further so « struggled ». But young women, of course, popiarilis on known grades audience.

the Recruit:
- And me it was pleasant. At least, now all know about problems of Omsk.

Vasily Dremin, the programmer:
- the Project « Vdarim on problems a naked bottom » in Russia it became rather popular. Also it is duplicated in different kinds practically in all regions of the country. And to sense - that? Problems after that unless becomes less?

Anna Samohvalova, the pensioner:
- Well also what, what half-naked have acted in film? And if at us state employees and pensioners in the majority in life, really, « with a naked bottom » sit?   but if pensioners in such kind act in film, it will be not too beautiful to look. And little girls young, beautiful it is possible for them. Pleases that it not all the same - they live in what city, and that they try to remind of its problems. Bridzhit Bardo, by the way, naked in protection of animals acted in film!