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Notes of the pregnant journalist: a leah It is possible for me to fly often by the plane

In November has burst a frost. I have there and then caught a cold and have bought the ticket to Italy to depart on wintering to the husband. I already anticipated, as will be warm to me in Italy. And even enjoyed the present Russian moroztsem as calls blagovernyj and declares:
- Tatti, is is cold impossible! It is snowing!
- how much degrees?
- a minus four! Very cold!
- and at us a minus 20, warmly! Come to sunbathe! - I have burst out laughing.
but Roberto has suggested to go for New year to sunbathe where - nibud, where plus 30. Have gone, speaks, to Cuba, to Brazil or to Mexico! Learn from the doctor, a leah it is possible for you to fly on a long distance.
about, there was no grief! Cuba has dreamt to it. I do not know, how Italy I will reach, I am stirred, and here it is necessary to start already about nine-hour flight to be stirred! It in a heap to all other stirrings.   For example such which during other time would seem the ridiculous.

Here at me to a stomach four months, and all symptoms of pregnancy of type of dizziness, a toxicosis and   faints have passed. I wake up, as zajchik, vigorous, I skip all the day long, I work, in friends I meet, in a mafia I play till midnight, to cinema I go. Well as absolutely normal person. And like to relax. On the contrary, at once the heap of fears, and suddenly pregnancy has come to an end, and consequently so energy pret again?

- At me the same fears were! - girl-friend Julja laughs. It is simple an organism adapted also the next two months to you will be as perfectly. It then zanoesh. For now rejoice.

to Rejoice I have gone to consultation. At the same time has brought to doctor Elena Sergeevne so-called « begunok ». There a heap of doctors which should examine and write me the conclusion. The oculist, the stomatologist, lor, the therapist... I have asked to pass them in the poliklinnike that under the commercial insurance. On all doctors at me has left in total two days.  

- And what, and the therapist you there have passed?
- well.
- is not present, so it is not necessary. You our therapist should look.
- yes there record to the therapist only in the middle of December.
- and you go now, tell that from me.
h`m - m.

I Took a map, have gone.
- you the therapist? - I look in an office where the grandee - the lady and the girl - the manager from a reception sits very elderly. - I from Elena Sergeevny.
- And! That I spoke to you! - it was converted the grandee - the lady to the manager. - oh, Elena Sergeevna at all does not revere usages. OK, go here, the darling.

I Adore these manners of intelligent Moscow old residents. The manager has flown away, and the grandee - the lady began to ask questions on private life. Looking through in the meantime my map.
- Also what, in marriage for the Italian left? - In a map after all the name of the father is written.
- and you work in the newspaper? The journalist, means? -
and it, and that... And such charming, charming, with an imperial bearing! Uf! Here to whom in KGB it is necessary to work, people to split.   I nearly have not given in to tempting there and then to tell to it all life from the cradle, all secret thoughts, feelings and desires.
it has measured pressure, has listened. Then began to write something and on a course to fill silence.
- you know that I with the Vasily Petrovichem have lived together 52 years. Yes - and... It at me the professor. And I after all where worked? At - at! You do not represent to yourselves! On pension has left, and at home boringly, has gone here here, near to the house. Vasily Petrovich soon for me will come. - and and waves of safe, happy life slide from it.   - here I look now you here, beremennenkih girls, every day. You sleep as?
- A. Yes, normally...

in general, again I understand that at least in this consultation all doctors from ultrasonic - hundred   to the therapist - born psychotherapists. Ultrasonic - st to me too last time anything plainly has not told about the child, about a tone, about the size vorotnikovoj zones and so on, but has told all cherished secrets of the previous patient.
the majority of young women after all do not go to any psychologists though here to them will precisely listen.

Flights are forbidden!

I Come back with a map to Elena Sergeevne, it already has again written out to me a direction on delivery   analyses.
- but I handed over more recently.
- hand over once again!
oh, mummies, I so much blood has already handed over in this consultation, what they with it do, a leah that deliver to vampires?

I Say that soon I depart to the middle of January to Italy, and for New year we want to depart where - nibud to warm edges. Leah it is possible for me so much to fly, term like small, a status normal.

is you at first to Italy, and then to the sea? For New year? With the husband? - Has asked again such jesuitical tone. - is not present, it is impossible.
- Why?
- it is impossible Because too often to fly! Is better not to fly at all to pregnancy!  

- Tell, and you for work can give out in advance the inquiry to me?
- is not present, the inquiry is given in day of leaving in the decree when it will be equal seven months.
- but me for this inquiry it is necessary to arrive here, on such big term?
- well it is undesirable to do, fly, but it is necessary!

H`m - m? That is give out the inquiry for the sick-list a month before the beginning of the decree to me cannot, for the sake of it it is necessary to arrive. And on a broader scale in the plane a foot! Oh! I - that just very much am afraid to fly in seven months.
it is fine, I think, the Internet to me in the help. I get on sites of pregnant women and I search for the information about flights. Than it is dangerous?

Forums of pregnant women is any oasis of common sense. Here that did not expect. Beremenulki tell, who as well as where flied, and that all was good, has had a good swim, has had a rest, has sunbathed, and the doctor forbade to fly. Someone too hypochondriac, speaks supposedly is not present, I for what will not depart. A pier, climate change, other meal, and the main thing - « you unless do not know about space beams?!!! » and further the girl start to discuss seriously a problem of space beams in planes. The pier, is radiations from space which influence the person and on each kilometre of height intensity doubles. Pregnant women huge pieces quote NASA reports, juggle with terms and it seems that it is a forum not women in position, and any physicists. And suddenly one results a piece from other report supposedly in Moscow all buildings fonjat, and radiation on the earth same, as in the plane at height. So, all who lives in Moscow, can fly easy, we supposedly so for a long time mutants. This part has very much made laugh!

the history of the girl which has departed to Turkey on the sea Has upset only, week had a rest, and after homecoming the bleeding has begun and hardly - have hardly rescued the kid. And doctors have told that holiday and flights by the plane there - back is guilty.

At some girls the such happens even if they on a broader scale only on foot to a supermarket go.
in parallel I have interrogated the familiar mummies. One flied all pregnancy till 8 months and, of course, worried, but other variant was not. Work such. All has passed safely, flights have not affected the baby.

the Others flied only in the second trimester on short distance, but too chorus began to dissuade from distant flight.

in general when I was called by Roberto with a question concerning holiday, I have told that the doctor against, but on a broader scale - I do not know. Now I already have arrived to it, and flight has passed well. Swelled nothing, was not ill. One of these days we should go to our Italian doctor on planned survey. It in October has appointed to us three dates of reception - in December, in March and May when it is time to give birth. Funny: I in Moscow for one only have visited November consultation more often, than here should visit for all pregnancy. Soon we learn a sex of future child. Also we will ask about holiday, it is interesting to me, how in Italy doctors concern flights in position?