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The driver of the truck which has fallen from the bridge, could fall asleep at the wheel

in the Morning on December, 11th on the eleventh kilometre of a line Syktyvkar - Ukhta there was a terrible road accident.

In 7 o`clock in the morning on the unknown person while to the reason « MAZ » with the trailer has punched a protection on the bridge through small river Chov - JU and has taken off from a line. The truck to a touch has turned over and, according to eyewitnesses, has lighted up. 47 - the summer driver (inhabitant Ezhvy) has died on the spot even before ambulance arrival. Exact circumstances of incident while are specified.

Now Syktyvkar inspectors work with witnesses of incident, trying to find the present reason of this tragedy. « non-observance of a high-speed mode » as the reason at once shallows. Eyewitnesses of failure say that « MAZ » went slowly, and before a protection did not try to brake at all. It speaks well for the version that the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel.

- Many drivers in a pursuit of money take additional changes. As a result a mode do not maintain and fall asleep. - has assumed the inspector of department of propagation of Syktyvkar traffic police Vera Hadeeva.

it is possible that the bad weather which has covered our city together with a cyclone « became the road accident reason; Monika ». In that morning there was a rain, and a waggon moreover and with the trailer on a wet line can sometimes lead as a cow on ice. From - for sharp warming snow on roads have turned to dirty slippery porridge.

After a dinner on the bridge one strip was accessible only, from - for what in both parties huge stoppers were formed. And along toward evening hardly it is less than on an hour this site of road have blocked completely. Dorozhniki have restored a bridge protection – the truck « has taken down » an order of 20 metres. For movement have made a detour through Top Chov.