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The soldier has come back home in four years

Vasily Bashmurov has been called in army from Surgut in 2006. Has got to a motor-shooting part in Ekaterinburg. Relations with colleagues have not developed, old-timers constantly scoffed at Vasej. Has held on soldiers before holiday. « grandfathers » have demanded, that it has brought from the house of 20 thousand roubles and the laptop. In case of disobedience have threatened the guy with punishment. Unfortunately, Vasja so also has not told anything to parents that in army from it money extorts. Has stayed for a while at home and has left. On the way back, having been frightened of revenge, to a part and has not returned. In some days parents have learnt that their son has disappeared. To them have called why - that not from military unit, and from military Office of Public Prosecutor.


Vasily was not only in federal search.

- We have started to search at once for Vasju in Ekaterinburg, - Tatyana Anatolevna, mum of the soldier tells. - have unpacked posters and placed them on all city. The husband was converted behind the help on local television. Have given announcements in mass-media. Then some more times came to Ekaterinburg during holiday. Everywhere searched, and on villages went. Time and again to us spoke - in such - that to village of soldiers fluent lives, a potato touches. We go to check. Searched on farms where people without a residence permit quite often work. Hoped to find Vasju. Worried very strongly. Were converted into TV program « Wait for me » but to an aether and have not got. Our information have only placed on the Internet on their site. Who knows, probably, Vasja could respond and earlier. Went to church, believed that our son is live, and with it that`s OK. The big help in search of Vasi to us was rendered by Marina Lebedev, the chairman of committee of soldier`s mothers in Ekaterinburg, very good and sincere person, betrayed to the business. It very many helps, therefore to it there is a never-ending stream of people.

As it has appeared, Vasily has become friends with same, as well as it, fluent soldiers and has as the fates decree appeared in Novosibirsk where has met the girl to Light. They have fallen in love with each other and have got married. To undersign, truth, did not become. Vasily hid long time from Svety that has run away from army, said that has lost the passport, worked as the loader. About what parents Svetlana did not suspect also. So proceeded, while in a young and happy family the daughter was not born. Since Vasily has left a part, has passed four years. Only then the fugitive has told to the wife bitter truth. Svetlana has told to Vasily that he has immediately called the mum. He, by the way, called to it, and time and again, here only spoke nothing in a tube. Was silent and listened to native voices.

- I some times asked: « vasja, it you? » - Tatyana Anatolevna remembers. - He did not respond me. There is no saying, a leah felt I, he calls or not. Simply guessed that with it that`s OK. When he all - taki has called, during that moment a tube took the younger son. He has understood nothing, who speaks, and has stretched phone to me. I have only heard its voice and have dropped a tube. Just all of us were at home and very much were delighted.

the Husband has gone for Vasej to Novosibirsk. They have arrived to us all family. Have stayed at us, and have then gone to Ekaterinburg. Could not go at once because it was necessary to raise still money for the ticket, at us the big family - six children. In Ekaterinburg on Vasju have got criminal case, but Marina Mitrofanovna has achieved that the son have put in hospital and komissovali. vasja has already returned to Surgut. All of us are very glad that all has ended safely, and are very grateful to committee of soldier`s mothers in Ekaterinburg.


Some times in Novosibirsk Vasju were detained by militiamen. And each time released. And it in spite of the fact that it was in federal search. Here so in our country also search for the gone soldiers.