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We do a New Year`s fur-tree by own hands

remains to the most important feast   Very little; - New year! Kirovchane hurry to get multi-coloured garlands, spheres and, certainly, gifts. By the way, original and completely not difficult performed by a gift it is possible to make the hands!

- various hand-made articles I am engaged for a long time, - Irina Ivankova has told kirovchanka. - I Do of plastic costume jewellery and various souvenirs. And specially for readers « has decided to suggest to make a New Year`s fur-tree.

we, certainly, have supported this invention and today we publish that at us it has turned out. Join!

For fur-tree giving fakturnosti it is added locks of more light tone. It is not forgotten to moisten wool constantly.
a photo: Alexander ALIEV (Kirov)
we Display wool darkly - green colour in the form of a cone. Slightly we moisten locks with soap water and it is formed them round a basis (in our case an eau de toilette bottle). Further we make foam and skatyvaem wool, as on a photo.
a photo: Alexander ALIEV (Kirov)
After you will roll the fur-tree form, it should be removed from a basis and to wash out under flowing water. Further it is necessary to dry our product and to start an ornament.
a photo: Alexander ALIEV (Kirov)
On a celebratory tree we have attached by means of transparent glue two ribbons. And on top have fastened the ends in a bow.
a photo: Alexander ALIEV (Kirov)
By means of the same glue it is attached our multi-coloured balls, businki and bugles. We varnish a product with spangles. The New Year`s fur-tree is ready!
a photo: Alexander ALIEV (Kirov)
On a note
wool Fibres happen short and long. For creation of our fur-tree we used longer fibres since they incorporate among themselves
  is better;
Fibres roll down better if occasionally on them to walk the rigid party of a usual sponge for ware washing.
Remember! The height of your fur-tree depends on what height you will choose a basis.