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In Kishinev students removed wheels from the cars parked in court yard

In the night from 11 for December, 12th (since Saturday on Sunday) in Kishinev three guys have been detained. Are caught red-handed — while in a luggage carrier of the car wanted to take away from a scene of crime four stolen   wheels.   Gennady Kuchuk, the employee of Service on public relations of the General commissariat of police has told « as events developed:  

- the Inhabitant of one of many-storeyed houses along the street Miron Kostin (Ryshkanovka) about three nights left on a balcony to smoke. Its attention has involved movement of three figures in the dark — they moved slowly and silently - is silent. It has guarded the man. He has called 902.   Through 3 - 5 minutes the police patrol was on a place.
Guys have detained, when they wanted to leave a scene. Nearby for them waited   Volkswagen Passat in which luggage carrier they also have combined all four stolen wheels. Young men have detained and have brought to a commissariat of police of sector of Ryshkanovka.  
Further it was found out that all three arrested persons — students of capital high schools, to it from 19 till 20 years. Guys from Kaushansky area. Student`s life to name full hardly it will be possible — here enterprising students on &hellip also have decided to earn additionally; wheels. By the way, as the owner already « has informed; beskolesnogo »   VAZ 2108, its wheels stand in any way less 4 thousand leev! Even on « black » the market …
The fault students recognised. Moreover, they have told the policeman that it was not their first attempt to remove a wheel from cars.  
- Arrested persons have confessed that this night tried to remove wheels from two cars parked on Moskovsky prospectus — from Toyota Corolla   and BMW. But at them it has not turned out, though with themselves they carried the whole small suitcase with a set for removal of wheels. Then they have decided to try less difficult variant and have gone on street Miron Kostin. Further you know. Policemen are converted to owners of cars in order to avoid similar situations to use paid parking places or to establish on the cars of the alarm system, - Gennady Kuchuk has added.
Now policemen check participation of the detained students in other similar crimes.  
the Information and video are given by the General commissariat of police of Kishinev.