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Acupuncture: effectively or not?

almost five-thousand-year way has passed acupuncture - from simple national healing to section in modern medicine. The acupuncture native land - China. There this method of treatment long time was considered is unique a doctoring certain way. On what efficiency of this method of treatment and to whom it helps is based?

acupuncture - what is it?

Akupunktura or acupuncture is drevnekitajsky a treatment method in which basis influence on biologically active points of an organism lies. Thanks to direct influence on the basic systems of an organism (nervous, vascular, lymphatic), modern acupuncture is recognised by an effective method in treatment of a wide number of diseases and allows to achieve high indicators of treatment and improvement of quality of life.

the method of acupuncture does not give collateral reactions, unlike medicamentous therapy. Under the influence of acupuncture there is an increase in activity of hormones of adrenal glands, will change permeability of vessels and fabric an exchange, improve reologicheskie properties of blood.

activization of internal reserves of the organism, stimulated with acupuncture, contributes in correction of exchange processes and weight, to organism rejuvenescence, helps to achieve successful results in struggle against bad habits (a tobacco smoking, alcohol abusing) and stress.

now at the heart of individual selection refleksogennyh zones and points of influence experts use both profound knowledge of the most ancient techniques, and the newest modern technologies and results of last researches of leading institutes of medicine of the East and Europe.

Interaction with other methods

should be remembered that acupuncture is inefficient, if the patient was exposed before it to a x-ray irradiation, accepted calming and hormonal preparations, narcotic analgetiki.

the Acupuncture does not deny parallel use of the medical products, however the entered dose can be thus considerably lowered. In all cases when east reflexotherapy can be applied, it is necessary for appointing as soon as possible instead of when all other methods of treatment are settled.

what to treat?

Today acupuncture use in treatment of almost all diseases as this method does not call an allergy and practically has no contra-indications. With its help it is possible to raise a vitality, to improve a skin status, to calm nerves, to put in order a figure and to remove depression.

The Basic indication for application of superficial acupuncture is necessity to achieve proof activity of blood circulation in a certain zone. It is preferable for using at the chronic pathological statuses accompanied by infringement of a blood-groove (for example, at chronic nonspecific diseases of lungs, migraines, a sleeplessness, a neuralgia and so forth) .
At treatment it is necessary to consider the constitution and a mental warehouse of the patient, its way of life, age, sex, time of days when therapy is spent, a season of year and so forth Igloterapevt should know all sensations of the patient to dose out intensity and duration of the influence.

it is not recommended to apply acupuncture at some diseases of a skin (pustulous inflammatory processes), pregnancy, it is not necessary to spend also treatment after plentiful meal or on an empty stomach.

Help itself

Exists all nearby 800 points akupunktury. One of the most popular points - a point Tszu - san - a leah. to find it, it is necessary sitting (a knee at an angle 90 hailstones.) To put a palm on a knee (fingers at patella bottom level); the middle finger tip will specify in an arrangement of this point. Massage of this point in a current 5 - on both feet will help to normalise 8 minutes pressure, to reduce a headache, will relieve a pain at chronic spasms of a stomach, at diseases of nervous system, will lift a tone at strong weariness. In China and Japan this point name a longevity point and a point from hundred illnesses .

the Point He - gu is in the middle of a membrane between big and a forefinger. Its massage on both palms will help you to relieve a pain at monthly, to take off weariness, pressure, to lower temperature without medicines, to get rid of a headache. Pressing these points should call an easy ill effect.


akupunktura is widely applied Now to the person in cosmetology as on the person there are many biologically active points. Stimulation of these points helps to save a skin elastic, to struggle with a wrinkle mi, puffiness and bad complexion, has the general beneficent influence on an organism.

points are necessary for massing, making soft circular motions tips of forefingers. All procedure occupies 2 - 5 minutes. For preventive maintenance of wrinkles following points are massed. 1 and 2 2 times a day are necessary to mass points. They are on either side of an average line of a nose (a symmetry axis), on distance of two fingers over the eyebrow bases.

wrinkles on the basis of nose wings disappear if to mass points 3, 4 and 5. The point 3 settles down in deepening between the basis of a nose and a frontal bone, points 4 and 5 - on distance of 1 sm (1 finger) from nostrils. For prevention of occurrence of wrinkles round a mouth twice a day (it is possible and more often) study points 6 and 7, located on distance about 1,5 sm from corners of lips. As it is necessary to mass points 8 and 9. They settle down in the middle of distance between a nose and an upper lip. Do not forget to massage a point 10 - in deepening under a lower lip. For struggle with bags under eyes mass points 11 and 12. They are at internal corners of eyes, hardly above that place, whence flow down tears. Carrying out of acupressure will not occupy from you more than 5 minutes, but will allow to save for a long time a good tone of a skin and delightful complexion.