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Vologzhanka has given birth and has grown up devjateryh children

Though some twisted a finger at a temple and nine children named its abnormal

At Nadezhdy Nikolaevny and Evgenie Aleksandrovicha Kljushevyh in a family: five sons and four daughters. The family lives in settlement Dairy in the usual panel house, in four-room apartment near Vologda. When the Hope has married Evgenie, she did not know that it will have so much children, did not think in advance. Thought that there will be a usual classical family, where one - two children. But in life it has turned out on - to another. For today to the senior to the child to Yury of 29 years, and mladshenkoj Alexander - six years.

one of these days I have visited on a visit at this big and very much an united family. That at once was evident and has very much surprised us, so it that doors in apartment Kljushevyh are not closed on the lock.

- our house is always glad to receive visitors, - with a smile the Hope of Kljusheva tells. - We never close doors, even for the night. Suddenly someone from children will come late from visitors, or the husband will return from work, and even the visitor will glance on a spark . To fall down we go to bed late, though we rise early.

the Husband with the wife to support such family, hold a cow, pigs, hens and contain a summer residence in village. For cattle cultivation, near to the house Evgenie has constructed sarajku and has warmed it. Now at Kljushevyh besides a potato and vegetables, the milk, meat and eggs. And it is good support for such big family. And it is much better store.

in the house of mother - heroines, despite people crowd, always that`s OK: the meal is prepared, the ware is washed up, floors are polished, all is washed and tidied up. When you come into apartment, not to be believed at all that in it there live so much people. Silently and easy - simply all have dispersed on the rooms and are engaged in the affairs.
are you have now come, so it is silent and quiet, - Nadezhda Nikolaevna laughs. - It is usually noisy. I so am tired of noise that sometimes even I swear on the children that they have allowed to me to have a rest from vanity. Children all help me with the house. At us is not present such that one did one, and another another on compulsion. There is no distribution of duties. Each of children herself tries, that in the house all has been made. If makes a dinner, on all. If erases, too on all. All kiddies know, as where it is necessary to make. Hope of Kljusheva as true mother - the heroine, rises in five mornings, even when not for work, after all already in six mornings it is necessary to milk a cow and to feed pigs. Besides an economy the Woman to work in a boarding school October on changes, also her husband - the driver in the same place works. They so love each other that practically do not leave at home, on work. However, the salary at them absolutely small. Hope will receive five thousand roubles, and Evgenie eight. It is more three thousand roubles in month to have to give for the rent, and on the others to live: to put on and to dress children, to buy necessary products, to spend for a train, entertainments and so on. As children grow and to have to spend much. Does not remain almost anything.

- but we are not upset about it, - the Hope laughs. - the main thing that all children were healthy, fed, dressed and happy. We with the husband try it in what not to refuse. Each days off we get out in wood or the nature on shish kebabs with tents, we go to the cinema also theatre. To each child we celebrate the Birthday, all feasts we spend one big united family. To small kiddies I arrange tea drinking with the big pie, well, and to adult children certainly without champagne not to manage. All of us we gather behind one table. Plus we invite the relatives and friends. Sometimes at us gathers on 30 and more persons in apartment. All of us we have fun, we sing songs and we dance. In what it is not restrained our children. At least anybody from them did not complain that it something differs from children from usual small families. Some years ago a family there have left two adult sons Nikolay and Veniamin - married and now live and work in Vologda. Despite it, they come often to parents and help. It is said that they very much do not have the big family.

- the basic support in a family, of course, on sons. They help us both money and products, - with pleasure in eyes tells Nadezhda Nikolaevna. - work for us on a haymaking, on a summer residence in the Summer. Without their help it would be very heavy. Thanks and to friends and relatives who give us clothes and footwear. The hope of Nikolaevna considers that in life at it not nine, but ten children. When son Nikolay married, it has accepted daughter - in-law Svetlana as the native daughter.

- I so liked this lovely girl that I named its daughter. I consider as its tenth child. At me and so there would be now 10 children if the son 19 years ago has not died. Now very much I am proud of the five years` grandson Danej, with pleasure I potter with it. Despite such quantity of children in a family, anybody from them is not deprived by parental attention. In a family there are no favourites, all treat equally kindly.

- there was time, about us said that we plant poverty, so much children laughed at us supposedly what for to us, - continues Nadezhda Kljusheva story. - Some even at a temple twisted that we with the husband abnormal that so breed. I did not pay any attention to all these malignant gossips and to children advised to arrive also. Now to us envy both neighbours, and acquaintances that at us such amicable and decent family. In our family nobody drinks and at all does not smoke. Children have all education, three still while go to school, are nurtured, dressed and accustomed to life. Not truth that in the big family poverty, drunkenness and illnesses. This blasphemy so to tell. Only malicious and unfortunate people confirm about it.

children of Hope and Evgenie Kljushevyh are, of course, very glad that at them it is so much brothers and sisters, but say that in such hard time will not give birth to many children. If it was possible to have such luxury now is not present earlier.
- the State does not help us, - the Hope speaks, - And any to us it is not necessary for the help from its party. I gave birth to children for myself and for the husband, instead of for the state. It is unique, in 1987 to me a distance the Medal of Motherhood of the second degree after a birth of the fifth child and all. That we now have - is acquired by own forces. In the free time, and it happens a little, Nadezhda Nikolaevna pleases the kiddies with bright soft toys. The woman sews them itself. Considers that they are worse nothing than the store. Toys love not only children, but also a dog - a four-monthly sheep-dog of Reks and a cat of Muska. The dog in day can tear to pieces to several pieces of every possible cats, zajchikov and young foxes. At Reksa and Musi of constantly struggle for toys. They do not transfer each other, therefore try to be on different corners of apartment. Except soft toys, the woman perfectly embroiders, prepares, sings and dances. It has trained in all knowledge of female craft the daughters. Children and the husband not naradujutsja on the favourite mummy. Recently husbands of girlfriends Nadezhdy Nikolaevny began to envy Evgenie that she could present to it so much children.

- my friends, looking at me, too give birth to children, - mother - the heroine laughs. - at all less than five also are not present.
Taking an opportunity, I wish Hope Kljushevu happy birthday, on October, 21st to it 51 year is executed. Happiness, health, pleasure, well-being, the world and good we wish you for many long years. The world to your family!