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Aromatherapy - treatment without medicines

to involve an opposite sex, use essence pachuli and if the cellulitis has bothered - then take baths with mandarinovym butter

the Aromatherapy is an application of natural essence in the medical purposes. They contain vital force of plants in the concentrated kind. Already more than six thousand years people know and use harmonising influence of aromas. Now - time of revival of many ways of natural treatment, and herbal medicine - treatment by plants - and its branch an aromatherapy, become more and more popular. This technique is intended for those who avoids medicines and wants to cure illnesses of mind and body, applying natural means. Unlike modern preparations the essence used in an aromatherapy, seldom possesses adverse ghost effects. In case of trouble, depression, and nervous excitability they it is much more safe than a tension, than tranquilizers and stimulators. After all worthiness of an aromatherapy that it influences a smell. Response to aroma influence develops immediately as impulses pass on fibres of an olfactory nerve get to the centre of sense of smell which is in the basis of a brain. The smell is capable to wake memory of last events and mentally to transfer us to that place and time where we were happy. Pleasant smells and aromas create sensations of security and well-being. For the last years the aromatherapy became popular and among vologzhan.

the Most pleasant way is a massage

Ways of application of essence are wide and based on their introduction in an organism through respiratory ways (inhalation) and through a skin (massage, a bath, a compress).

One of the most effective ways of use of essence is aromatic diffuzor. This device for butter dispersion in air. Thanks to it substance microparticles are saved in air in a suspension within several hours, destroying bacteria, fungi and freshening air natural aromas. Dispersion of butters can be made at any time, time of dispersion 15 - 30 minutes.

the most convenient and widespread form of application of an aromatherapy is aromalampa. The mix of essence (three - five drops) and waters is warmed up in the tank (evaporator) by means of a candle, and its steams extend in air. Use aromalampy - a perfect way to fill with aroma a room to clear it of a dust or a cigarette smoke.

for treatment of a sinusitis and respiratory infections inhalations well help. It is necessary - to add three four drops of essence in ware with one litre of hot water, to cover with a towel, to close eyes and to inhale steams during five - ten minutes. Such way of application can minister and as a steam bath for the person. One of the most simple ways of use of aromatic butters is a bath. It is necessary to fill it with warm water and to add five - eight drops of the essence dissolved in a small amount of kefir, milk, cream or honey.

massage with aromamaslami - weakening and medical procedure. Getting through integuments, essence very quickly joins in blood circulation, and then is deduced through lungs and kidneys, rendering on these bodies disinfecting, protivospazmaticheskoe and stimulating influence. For preparation of a massage mix aromatic butter at first needs to be mixed with a lung base. The such concern sunflower, olive, soya. Mineral butters are better be not to applying.
a recommended dosage at cultivation - three - five drops of essence on 10 milliliters vegetative.

of not diluted essence do applications. Aromatic butters put on a skin, as a rule, in the diluted kind. But there are some exceptions: a lavender use in the pure state in case of burns, cuts, stings of insects, a tea tree without diluting put on gnojnichki and warts.

inhaling aromas of a sandal-wood tree, you prolong the youth

There are so much various butters! Such variety flakonchikov, aromas! To choose difficult, especially to the beginner. In this case, the main thing, the nobility - what effect you want to achieve. Different butters render also different influence:
- the Tea tree: antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, protivogribkovoe.
- the Eucalyptus: anaesthetising, recycling, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.
- grapefruit: bleaching, antiseborejnoe, anti-cellulite, antikomedonogennoe.
- the Orange - improves blood circulation in deep layers of a skin and interferes with cellulitis education, this aroma reduces appetite.
- the Tangerine: antidepressantnoe, anti-cellulite, toning up.
- the lemon - invigorates, raises attention at weariness, fine looks after a fat face skin and bodies.
- a sandal-wood tree: rejuvenating, calming.
- Ilang - ilang - calms nerves and banishes stress, it is recommended for a dry skin.
- the jasmin - gives good mood and saves skin youth.
- rosemary - raises vital forces and possesses antibacterial effect, is ideal for a fat skin.
- an extract of green tea - a guarantee of youth and elasticity of a skin.
- the bergamot - removes a nervous tension, helps face muscles and body to relax.
- the pine - helps to cope with cold, renders stimulating action on all organism.
- currant leaves - freshens and invigorates, gives perfect mood.
- Pachuli - strengthens sexual desire at both partners.

do not buy cheap aromamasla

to Buy essence it is necessary in drugstores or specialised shops. Qualitative butter cannot be cheap.

before the beginning of use of essence it is necessary to check up it on possibility of occurrence of individual allergic reactions. For this purpose, one drop of butter to dissolve in a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a drop of the received solution to put on an elbow bend or an internal surface of a wrist. During 12 - ti hours to conduct supervision, in case of absence of skin reaction butter can be used. In order to avoid overdose it is necessary to begin application of essence with the minimum doses, gradually them increasing before reception of desirable effect.

to store essence it is necessary in dark glass bottles with densely ground in stoppers at temperature from zero to plus of thirty degrees of heat in a place inaccessible to children.