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On Vologodchine pedophilia splash

Only for the last year on Vologodchine is observed has occurred 125 crimes connected with violence of children

Violence in unsuccessful families - the most frequent problem from which children are converted. Except the social and psychological help, they need and the qualified legal support. Annually minor in Vologda are exposed to violence from adults, especially many such cases occur on village. Children in families face disregard, moral pressure, them beat, turn out. Many of them consider that cruelty of parents is only an education method. On such parents inform militias. As a last resort, they lose the parental rights. But to reveal such families happens difficultly. As to the sexual violence, many children simply are afraid to tell the adult or neighbours if know do not wish to spoil the relation do not want to declare a beating, and.

So, recently by Office of Public Prosecutor of the Vologda area it has been investigated two criminal cases, upon dissolute actions in relation to juvenile children. Both incidents have happened this summer in the Vologda area.

the pensioner forced children for money

the Howling military man, being on pension and suffering affliction from idleness, has decided to have a good time, to be exact, porazvratnichat with children. The man to entice them to itself home, offered minors money. To initially child for service the sum of 200 roubles was guaranteed, but some children agreed even to caress for 10 roubles kind the uncle.

- the tyrant selected children in the street, as a rule, from unsuccessful families, and invited home, ostensibly to work, - the public prosecutor of the Vologda area Sergey Akulich tells to the correspondent. - to It was without a difference of whom to force - the boy or the girl. Reached even that it invited kiddies of the friends and acquaintances. Children he knew everything as the settlement was small. All minors rejoiced that can earn thus money and did not tell about tortures to the parents. The crime has revealed absolutely casually. Once, after the next appointment to the debauchee, the boy - the victim has gone to shop that will buy expensive lemonade. At this time his mother too has appeared in shop. She has been extremely surprised - whence at its child such money. Houses it has spent serious dismantling in the son, thought that it steals, after all their family was poor and money to the child never gave. Then the boy has confessed that slept with the uncle for money. Thus, the set of the facts of violence of children has come to light. Terribly that age of children from 8 till 14 years. During the investigation the military man - the tyrant the fault did not recognise, said that it stipulate and fabricate against it business. After all in settlement it was registered on the decent family man, and earlier good worker. But proofs have collected enough, and children, eventually, have confessed that earned additionally thus. Now a grief - the fighter - the debauchee have planted to serve time for 12 years in a colony of strictly mode.

the debauchee has enticed the girl under a pretext to look at rabbits

In the same Vologda area, only in other settlement not less the exemplary family man, as well as in the first case - the father of four children has raped the five years` girl, a daughter of the acquaintances.

that ill-starred evening mum of the girl was late on work and has asked the girlfriend to take away a daughter from a garden. The girlfriend has agreed and, having taken away the girl from a garden, has gone together with it and the children on a visit. As there was a good weather, adults sat in the street, drank strong drinks and fried a shish kebab. Children turned near a table, continually escaping from the house. At this time after work the man came back, its way lay by that place where children played. In settlement all each other knew. Children have asked the uncle to show it rabbits, after all it was fond of their cultivation. Only the girl has not wanted to go, has decided to remain with adults. Then the man began to persuade the girl, insisting, that it has gone together with all. Kiddies, having looked at rabbits, have escaped to play, and the little girl has appeared last. Cages with rabbits stood very highly. The debauchee that it was visible to the girl better, has put it on a high stool. Then has lifted up to it a dress and has started to do, according to the child, something not clear and terrible . The tyrant has released the child only in twenty minutes.

- when the poor thing has appeared at home, mother has noticed at once that with the girl something happens, continues the story Sergey Akulich, - On its linen she has seen blood. The daughter has told to mum as all has occurred. The woman has immediately written the application in Office of Public Prosecutor. Physicians have found out on a body of the child of damage, characteristic for rape.

On interrogations the tyrant long did not recognise the fault, saying that the girl and her family it stipulate to receive from it money. To fault of the tyrant naturally that have proved. On court he admitted in all and has repented, having told that on it the eclipse has found, when it scoffed at the girl. In all blamed alcohol. The man cried and asked for forgiveness and about the little girl and her mother. The court has sentenced the tyrant to six years of imprisonment.

every day the father suited to children of an orgy

One more case of violence has occurred in the city of Vologda, in one of houses along the street Gogol. The father of two daughters in an alcohol intoxication has dragged on one them them in kitchen and, having lowered trousers, began to be engaged on her eyes in masturbation. Not up to the end having satisfied the passion, it for shkirku took other daughter and has gone together with it on river bank, on street Quay of 6 armies where began to be engaged in masturbation again. Thus, the father terrorised the daughters throughout long months, beat them, humiliated, offended, if they refused to look on shown by it show . Sexual desires of such character at the man arose every day. Girls could not bear more such humiliations and were converted into regional children`s hospital. The Office of Public Prosecutor could not pass by such beating and began to find out all circumstances. The court for " has taken place; the closed doors . The sentence to the father - to the tyrant has not been taken out, as mother of minor girls has died, and there was nobody to nurture them. The debauchee in this case the fault recognised, has repented. On court has declared that earlier we judge and considers myself in the sexual plan unhealthy and supervise myself in such situations cannot. Experts recognised the man mentally unhealthy with frustration of the person, though made.

why force teenagers?

Children forced always as have told to us in regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Earlier violence cases revealed much less often, than now. Simply in the last two days on Vologodchine there was a tendency to growth of children`s violence, and work in this direction, accordingly, is made active from law enforcement bodies.

- growth of the registered crimes influences as well epizodichnost cases, - Sergey Akulich confirms. - One person can make at once a series of crimes, therefore their number and increases, as was in a case with the military man. Why violence became more because the society has changed. Now many jobless, drinking, degraded, mentally unbalanced people. There were many children, whose parents such. We deprive of their parental rights. Children are given to themselves, nurtured practically in the street. As a result these children also become object for criminals. Extremely seldom, on coincidence of circumstances, in them paws children from safe families, practically never come across.

How to help children?

- During my work in Office of Public Prosecutor, cases when the father forces the children, a little, - Sergey Akulich speaks. Is the real nasty thing from adults so cruelly to arrive with children. In case of occurrence of suspicions on a similar crime, it is necessary to inform immediately in corresponding bodies. I want to be converted to workers of educational institutions, gardens and schools that they were as it is possible more attentively to the pupils. Sharp change in behaviour and mood of the child can be indirect signs of violence. Be interested, why today the pupil sleeps at a lesson, dirty, in grazes or hungry. A leah means it, what it was not night of the house, a leah was exposed to violence? The similar facts owe you, teachers to guard.

In Vologda where minors can find a refuge, the children`s rehabilitation centre " works; the Phoenix . When the child - a victim there arrives, round it the special command where there is a social teacher, the psychologist, the expert in work with a family, the tutor and the medical worker is formed: All together they in a complex study a problem of the child and investigate the reasons social dezadaptatsii. After revealing of the reasons, for the child the individual program is made. During such diagnostics cases of cruel treatment of minors even if they arrive in the Center absolutely on other bases also come to light. After a rehabilitation course children at own will come back in a family.

according to the deputy director of the children`s rehabilitation centre the Phoenix Galinas Lukichevoj, for six years of work of the Center it has been revealed an order of 30 cases of violence of children and one case of sexual violence of the minor girl:
- Two years ago to us on rehabilitation has arrived 16 - the summer girl from the Vologda area, in a direction of the Psychotherapeutic centre. The girl came back from school home and has been raped 30 - the summer man. The child has grown in an unsuccessful family, but the little girl was very good. She lived at us in the Center the whole year not to live at home and to finish 11 - yj a class. To parents of the girl the psychological help appeared experts of the centre during the long period, they very much worried about the daughter. The girl after school has entered pedagogical university, but, having disaccustomed by half a year, has decided that will work, as money for life did not suffice. Parents could not provide it. Also all now works for it well.


If children of your acquaintances have undergone to violence, or you suspect about such cases, immediately call in militia and be converted into Office of Public Prosecutor. Besides, call by us in edition to phone 76 - 99 - 22.