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Vologzhanin the murderer has brutally killed an axe the former wife and more three persons

For the acts Vladimir Popov has received a life imprisonment in a high security colony

could not transfer divorce with the spouse. It threatened the former wife with punishment and constantly intimidated her. Repeatedly it applied the words in practice: put to the woman an axe to a throat twice, smothered and forced it.

All drama has occurred in Ustjuzhensky area of the Vologda area. Natalia Popova with the six-year child lived together with parents in own house. Once Ivan Popov has come into the house to the eks - the wife where she in any way did not want to start up it. Between them there was a quarrel. Natalia parents and the child at this time houses were not. At first the ex-husband has beaten Natalia, and has then cut an axe. The poor woman from blood and shock loss has there and then died. The murderer has not had time to leave the house, parents have come to that moment Natalia with son Nikita. Having been frightened of that have caught it, Ivan Popov has decided to cut and parents of the wife and own child. After murder to hide vestiges of the crime, it has taken away only a cellular telephone and has escaped. Priests disappeared in a cellar of own house in Ustjuzhne. Without effort it was found out there by employees of the Department of Internal Affairs. At detention the murderer showed very strong resistance to workers of militia. Militiamen even had to apply a government-issue weapon to pacify Popova.

the Vologda regional court with participation of jurymen, considering special danger of perfect Popovym of crimes, has sentenced it to lifelong imprisonment with term serving in a high security colony. The court recognised as guilty the murderer under articles 318, 158, 119,105 Criminal codes of the Russian Federation (murder, threat by murder or causing of heavy harm to health, theft, application of violence concerning the representative of the power).