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Friday 13 - oe name day of evil spirit

On ancient poverju, in the night from Friday to Saturday on the Bald mount witches gather and arrange shabash

Thrill and grow cold: Friday, 13 - e is even there where never was any witches.

the most unpretentious oberegom on Friday 13 - go is spitting through the left shoulder. Speak, devils, and if you spit in them few times sit at the left shoulder, they will by all means take offence and will leave.

if you have dared to leave the house, necessarily pin where - nibud on clothes a pin: the unclean do not love iron subjects and to touch you not begin. And pins and coins in the street are better be not to lifting: they will precisely fasten to you any damage. By the way, Napoleon so was afraid of Friday, 13 - go that once has not accepted this day very rich gift from the French grandee: in a chest there were gold coins and ornaments, including pins. Yesterday it was necessary to hang up a horseshoe only not new on a door, it will not operate.

in the street the evil spirit will not touch you, if on each crossing of roads you to spit three times through the left shoulder and to show a fig (it can be made in a pocket, a leah and that is not enough that). And necessarily behave for a button. On Friday 13 - go it is possible not to get out at all of a bed, and round it to draw a circle garlic. Still it is possible to use salt. Put a salt pinch in a pocket and on a desktop.

ancient Romans this day incorrectly put on footwear: left sandals on the right foot, and right - on left. If will manage to make as, draw your trace do not take. On Friday it is possible to swear with somebody. Only necessarily warn that it in the preventive purposes, differently the unclean will quarrel you on - to the present. For bolshego effect in the course of abuse it is desirable to break something.

the certain way this day to marry. Women long since are considered if not as close relatives, at least, good acquaintances of evil spirit, and, if at you in the house. At the same time, still wise our ancestors have vested Friday, 13 - e, mystical sense, and till now to souls of modern people does not give rest this superstition. In the people such day name black . It is considered that on Friday 13 - go all upyri, witches and the other evil spirits gather on shabash from every corner of the world. And if this day also the full moon is necessary.

Izdrevne on Friday 13 - go did not leave port the ships, transactions did not consist and weddings were not celebrated, people on a broader scale tried not to leave the house once again. There are some versions, why Friday, 13 - oe, - unhappy number. If to speak about Christianity on Friday have crucified Jesus Christ. On the Last Supper Judas was the thirteenth. However, still ancient Romans and Greeks avoided number 13, considering that it brings misfortunes.

In mythology of ancient Germen there is a legend about a feast of twelve gods in Valgalle who also has ended is pitiable - because of their arrival colleagues Loki, god of quarrel and contentions. Loki was unbidden, in a white suit, it has appeared the thirteenth and all has spoilt - inhabitants of heaven peressorilis and as a result the favourite of gods of Baldr has been killed.

In England till now exists poverie that an exit of the ships in the sea on Friday and the more so on Friday 13 - go, should be transferred under any pretext. In the end of a XVIII-th century this superstition has so strongly extended that the English government has decided to prove absurdity of a sign. Have constructed the ship, named it Friday have floated it on Friday and have sent in flight. The vessel was gone together with the command. Any more did not try.

with number thirteen it is connected much and other curious stories. For example, in 1907 on reefs the seven-mast schooner " was lost; Thomas Lauson . It has been constructed in America in 1902 and was considered as the largest in the world. The schooner has been named by a name of the person which has written the book Friday - the thirteenth . It was lost on Friday, on December, 13th.

by the way, in England at cinemas there is no armchair at number 13, and in France there is a tradition: if 13 persons gather for a dinner, put 14 - e an armchair and put in it a dummy which waiters serve, as well as the others. And all are happy. Especially a dummy.

in planes of airlines of Germany, Austria and the countries of Scandinavia is not present either a number, or an armchair with number 13. But not all so is bad in Europe. In Portugal and Spain Friday, to the contrary, consider in the favorable afternoon. And at Japanese on a broader scale the unhappy number considers four. In Italy not Friday, 13 - e, and Friday, 17 - e, is considered in the unhappy afternoon. Therefore, for example, the well-known model of the French car Renault - the seventeenth - in Italy was on sale at other number, as Renault - hundred seventeen .

But after all from accident it is impossible to build law, therefore enjoy one more day of the life, and let yours the most terrible a sign will be, when the cat an empty bucket will break a mirror at you houses. Also remember that at black cats the same is bad signs. For example, if the road it will be run across by the Black. Smile, and away superstitions!