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In Vologda the prices for gasoline

Fuel were reduced has fallen in price approximately for one percent

Experts of Management of Federal antimonopoly service in the Vologda area have informed that in September of this year gasoline became cheaper for one percent.

on diztoplivo - almost the prices were most considerably reduced for three percent: from 18 roubles of 10 copecks for litre of this fuel in the middle of September the price has fallen to 17 roubles of 56 copecks. On the average for 10 copecks gasoline principal views have fallen in price also. Today one litre of gasoline And - 76 on Vologodchine on the average costs 15 roubles of 70 copecks, And - 92 - 18 roubles of 60 copecks.

as a whole, from the beginning of 2006 of the price for gasoline in our region stably grew. For nine months of this year fuel has risen in price for 12 percent. More all throughout this period is risen in price gasoline marks Ai - 95 - from 17 roubles of 40 copecks the price has increased to 20 roubles of 60 copecks that has made 18 percent of increase. Least the rise in price has concerned diesel fuel. For 9 months of the price for it have increased all by four percent.

reduction of prices on fuel experts name seasonal. Usually gasoline cost flies up upwards in summer months, and decreases by the autumn and winter.