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CHerepovchanin tried to commit suicide from - for the girl

Yesterday about 10 o`clock in the evening in Cherepovets, in the street Godovikova, the present drama was played. On a roof of a nine-floor apartment house the young man has got and began to shout that is going to rush downwards. No, do not think that it was thrown by the girl - she simply has not kept the appointment. Young enamoured, probably, has decided to show the feelings thus. The girl lives nearby, and he hoped that she will see it.

it is natural, passers-by should pay to it of attention and have called rescuers. According to employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the originator of a drama was strongly drunk and did not think at all that does and speaks. By sight to it was no more than 18 years. Half an hour rescuers persuaded him to go down, and eventually it was possible to them. To call militia and to ask a surname cherepovchanina they did not become, having decided that has put this everyday. Delivered it downwards and have released wherever one wishes.

According to rescuers, such cases in their practice happen quite often. And in Cherepovets more often love to jump from the bridge, and in Vologda - from high-rise buildings. Usually people manage to be persuaded not to make precipitate actions, but sometimes it is necessary to apply force, as, for example, one of these days in Vologda when rescuers called on street Northern. It was necessary to rescue 29 - the summer addict. At the guy has begun lomka, it began to elicit money for drugs at mother, threatening that will commit suicide. That has run to neighbours to call the help. To arrival of rescuers the guy has already closed a door from within, and it was necessary to crack it. With the cut veins and a throat vologzhanina have taken away in hospital.