Rus News Journal

Employees of drug enforcement have raised 26 criminal cases for one week

In the beginnings of October 34 crimes have been registered, all of them are connected with drugs

For this period narcopolicemen from illegal circulation was 380 gramme of narcotics, including four grammes of heroin is withdrawn.

considering that in area territory proceeds operatively - preventive operation the Poppy in the first decade of month the basic efforts of management have been concentrated to suppression of a drug trafficking of a phytogenesis. From 19 - ti the made withdrawals drugs 12 to have on vegetative drugs.

for a week of October activity of two groups which were carrying out distribution of hashish in the regional centre has been stopped. As a result of their neutralisation from illegal circulation 32 grammes " are withdrawn; a white powder . Both in that and in other cases narcopolicemen managed to reveal and liquidate sale chains on which the drug extended from sbytchikov to consumers. On suspicion in sale and storage of narcotics the six young men living in Vologda are detained. The age of arrested persons makes from 18 till 25 years. Including the young man 1981 - go year of birth is detained and arrested, it was earlier we judge for illegal storage of drugs. Accusation in sale " is brought to it; white poison in the large size. If the fault of the man is proved, to it threatens till 12 years of imprisonment. The investigation is now carried on.

we will add that from the beginning of year on Vologodchine it is registered 873 crimes connected with drugs, 761 criminal case is raised, 280 gramme of narcotics, including 1,8 kgs of heroin is withdrawn.