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In Vologda there will pass a unique exhibition

on October, 25th at 11 o`clock in Jugo - to the Western tower Vologda kremlja the exhibition " will open; New opening of portrait art of Sevro - the West XVII - the beginnings of the XX-th centuries , the correspondent of news agency SeverInform informs.

On it portrait galleries from manors Mezhakovyh of noble family in village Nikolsky will be presented, to Kurkino, by Vasilkovo and others. Among portraits there is a unique cloth of 1821 of a brush of the English artist, a member of the London royal Academy of arts, the honorary member of the Russian imperial Academy of Arts and many European academies - George Dow (1781 - 1829) the Portrait of Item A and O.I.Mezhakovyh . Masterpieces of Russian portrait art are two portraits of talented Russian artist Miny Lukicha Kolokolnikova (1707/ 8 - 1775). These are portraits of Rezanovyh: The father, the major of artillery Alexey Mihajlovicha, and the officer of military school Dmitry Alekseevicha, his son, the beginning of 1750. Their names thanks to laborious research work managed to be identified and published.

the worthy place at an exhibition will be occupied with products of the most talented artist, our fellow countryman, Platon Tyurin (1816 - 1882) from museums of Vologda and Cherepovets.

for the first time the spectator to get acquainted with portraits of one more our fellow countryman, whose name is opened more recently. He/she is the contemporary of known portraitist Vasily Andreevicha Tropinina from its nearest environment - Nikolay Ivanovich Katin (1777 - after 1865).

At an exhibition rare products from museums of Ustjuzhny and Velikiy Ustyug, Vytegry, Cherepovets, Kirillov, and also from the State archive of the Vologda area will be presented. For the first time the treasures will bring to Vologda colleagues from the Archangelical museum of Fine Arts and the city of Soligalich of the Kostroma region.

The Exhibition includes some exposition platforms:

1. JUgo - the Western tower Vologda kremlja
2. The Iosifovsky case Vologda kremlja
3. A museum the World of the forgotten things (memorial estate branch)
4. Peter I House museum