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Municipal tariffs have counted

At least so assure of the mayoralty

the Legal misunderstanding which has become by the reason of unreasonable increase of tariffs, seemingly, is corrected. The city authorities have declared recalculation which nizhegorodtsy should see already in February receipts. The general rise in price at all points “zhirovki“, under the law, cannot exceed 23 percent.
it is visible, in connection with the same fall the administration Bottom has been urged to delete from receipts a line “major repairs“, and also to lower a payment for hiring of premises from 3 roubles to 88 copecks for square metre.

- For nizhegorodtsev, living in the areas kept away from city centre and on highways, this payment will decrease for ash value factor, - Olga Goltseva has assured the deputy director of department of habitation.
the recalculation sum will stand Last line in the receipt.
- If townspeople will have questions they can be converted into user`s services of the company “the Center - SBK” which phones are specified in an abacus notices, - has added Goltseva. - Each receipt where is though one hint on an error in recalculation, will be checked carefully up.