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The huge mastiff nearly has not broken off the mistress

to shoot a dog, militiamen needed two holders

Sunday afternoon a disturbing call has arrived on the panel of the Vologda department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures from the house 8 along the street Mishkoltsky. Calling vologzhanka the scared voice begged to rescue it from enraged bordosskogo a mastiff. Mistresses of a dog (the daughter of the calling woman) during that moment were not at home.

a dog neither from that nor from what has snatched on vologzhanku directly in apartment. The woman hardly has had time to be locked in a room and has called the daughter. The arrived daughter too could not calm down the pupil - having seen the mistress, the dog spitefully has attacked it. It was necessary to call to the aid rescuers.

the mastiff was in such mad status that rescuers have not dared to catch his hands is it was too dangerous. They have called militia. The cynologist who has arrived with militiamen has confirmed that with a dog something not that, the mistress has agreed to kill a mastiff. In raged a beast have discharged the whole holder then the wounded dog was hammered on kitchen. When one of militiamen has gone to check up that with a dog, it has appeared that that is live. And it even still had forces to rush on the militiaman. It was necessary to recharge a holder and to finish an animal.

the mistress is perplexed till now that could happen with the favourite - before the dog behaved quite normally.