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On Vologodchine the number of victims of a toxic hepatitis

In city hospital grows continue to arrive vologzhane, poisoned spirtosoderzhashchimi liquids.

As has informed our correspondent the assistant to the head physician of city hospital 1 Alevtina Osipovs, for today in hospital with the diagnosis a toxic hepatitis are 86 vologzhan. Patients continue to arrive every day. So, on revmatologicheskoe the branch for a past week-end has arrived five vologzhan, and from the beginning of this week - four. In gastroenterologicheskoe the branch for the past week has arrived 12 vologzhan. All patient makes the diagnosis a toxic hepatitis.

we will remind that the toxic hepatitis which is a consequence of the use substitute spirtosozhderzhashchih liquids, amazes a liver, and then all systems of an organism. Disease practically does not give in to treatment. According to physicians, even in case of improvement of a status, a consequence from a poisoning remain on all life. The first symptoms are shown approximately in 10 days in the form of a jaundice (the general weakness, yellowness of integuments, very bad indicators of blood and urine).

the poisoning Reason vologzhan became izopropilovyj the spirit containing in liquids intended for technical cosmetic purposes of type Ldinka the Robust fellow Svetoch . On the average term of treatment of such patients - 2 months, treatment cost - from 14 to 20 thousand roubles. But, as physicians mark, even at full treatment health deterioration to such patients is guaranteed, as process of regeneration of a liver very long.