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The list of the doctors receiving surcharge

To the Nizhniy Novgorod region is expanded the letter from Minsotsrazvitija, expanding the list of the medical workers receiving surcharges within the limits of realisation of the national project in sphere of public health services has come.

Henceforth it is authorised to give payments at a rate of ten and five thousand roubles to the physicians serving malokomplektnye medical sites. If earlier the doctor received the extra charge if served a site number of 1700 persons on adult population and 800 persons on children`s now specifications have decreased on 200 and 100 persons accordingly.
- but only in exceptional cases! - makes comments on this fact the chief executive of territorial fund OMS of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Elena Hlabutina. - As a rule, it concerns rural areas where it is not enough the population, and works - it is a lot of, therefore extent of a site is some villages. It, for example, settlement Dubravnyj in Nizhni Novgorod in the extent to five kilometres.

the Right to reception of an additive to the salary was received by the physicians working in departmental and noncommercial establishments as local doctors and nurses. The Privolzhsky district medical centre and the former railway hospital fall under this point the Medical medical unit of a city Sarov. Doctors who and rendered earlier the primary help pripisnomu to the population become richer, but were not called as “divisionals“, and therefore the extra charge since New year did not receive.
money will be added for February. The Nizhniy Novgorod physicians will receive them in the first of March.

the Inquiry “KP “ - NN”
Since January, 1st the extra charge was received by 3036 Nizhniy Novgorod medical workers. From them 1434 doctors, 1602 staff nurses.
since February, 1st the extra charge receive 3251 medical worker. He/she is 1561 doctor and 1690 nurses.