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Lanterns are not present - walk is cancelled

All the best to children - this phrase covers often officials. However, do not forget to show such kind relation and in practice. Only here show as - that selectively.

last week in Vologda the kindergarten 65 in the street Bitter has officially opened. For this long-awaited opening waited for a long time already, and now at once hundred kids had an opportunity to visit preschool centre. In a new garden all conditions for children are created, and the main thing the territory round a garden is equipped, new verandahs are constructed, street illumination is established. Peaceable things, will tell any vologzhanin and will be right.

only here against this joyful event it is especially insulting to children who go to kindergarten the Cinderella . There is it directly opposite to kindergarten 65. And a situation there simply depressing.

In one of the oldest preschool centres of Vologda for 40 years of its existence major repairs were never carried out, any system - neither sewer, nor an electricity was not updated. The water drain system now in such status that threatens to fail at any moment, and years not checked electroconducting on a broader scale can turn back unexpected tragedy.

both a kindergarten management, and parents try to put many years business in motion, but officials immutably respond to numerous annual demands for repair one: there are no means. But after all there were means to open the whole kindergarten opposite. And on repair in to the Cinderella money why - that is not present any more one tens years. Thus the kindergarten is visited by 200 kids.

in kindergarten territory the Cinderella completely there is no street illumination, therefore to deduce on vesper walk of children soon it is not necessary - darkens early. Constructions on a site for 40 years did not change never, and two verandahs which have burnt down 8 years ago and are not restored. From a front entrance in the autumn and in the spring to a garden not to approach at all - there is no road. And the emergency status krylets has already turned back misfortune - one of mums has broken a toe.

that on four groups simply there are no bedrooms, on a broader scale looks absurdity. And nevertheless it so - children should sleep on folding beds. Whether officials keep back something, whether all money were enclosed in opening of a new kindergarten Anyway about children in this situation anybody is obvious and has not remembered.