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Where the money allocated for the Vologda militia

leaves to Check up it the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

this week has solved the Vologda area the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has visited Rashid Nurgaliev. Check of how on places ministry orders are carried out was one of the purposes of its visit.

- last year we have allocated from the federal budget for improvement and is material - technical support of regional departments of the country of 3,5 billion roubles, - has explained Rashid Nurgaliev. But on an example Grjazovetsky ROVD I was convinced that orders are carried out also means spent knowingly. Considerably increased financially - technical maintenance and the organizational beginning of regional department.

besides it the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has taken part in opening of a monument to fighters of special divisions, victims in the Chechen Republic in the street the Western combat training at the Center and sports of the Department of Internal Affairs. Then Rashid Nurgaliev has visited at solemn ceremony of delivery 60 - a condominium for veterans and the Vologda employees of law-enforcement bodies. This house, of course, cannot provide all militiamen of Vologda needing habitation, but as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has assured, it only the first step in the housing problem decision. The governor of the Vologda area Vyacheslav Pozgalev has voiced hope that next year to employees of the Department of Internal Affairs will be allocated 150 more - 200 apartments. Rashid Nurgaliev has supported this initiative, having noticed that social security of employees of the Department of Internal Affairs now is one of the main tasks. By the way, one of the first the key from new apartment from hands of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was received by Yury Shalgin. It has fulfilled in law-enforcement bodies almost 10 years and has seriously undermined health during business trip to the Chechen Republic. Then together with a dog the Dyne Yury has found a radio-controlled mine. He has had time to warn all, but the land mine has worked too quickly. Now former employee of the Department of Internal Affairs huddles in one room with mum and the new apartment has had to it as it is impossible by the way.

In end of visit the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia has held operative meeting in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Vologda area and has signed the agreement on traffic safety. In it obligations, both the federal authorities, and enforcement authorities of the Vologda area make a reservation. This program assumes allocation till 2012 about 1,5 billion roubles on the decision of the technical questions providing security of traffic. For the Vologda area it is the agreement becomes the original program of actions on increase of security of traffic in the Vologda area. One of main points in the agreement is maintenance of the Vologda militiamen necessary financially - means and improvement of quality of roads. According to governor of the region Vyacheslav Pozgalev, the Vologda area hopes to receive from the Ministry of Internal Affairs the necessary methodical and technical help for the decision of these problems. In turn the regional authorities undertake to allocate necessary quantity of means for safety on the Vologda roads.