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In mounts of Kabardino - Balkarii were lost two mountain skiers from Moscow

the First message on emergency on a mount favourite by mountain skiers Tcheget has entered Elbrus poiskovo - saving group on January, 5th when started to get dark. As the head has told a press - services of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation on KBR Kantemir Davidov, at descent from Tcheget was lost 32 - the summer mountain skier from Moscow Dmitry Zhiharevsky. He tried to climb down a mountain on the slope forbidden for driving. As Davidov has told, presumably collision on high speed with a tree became a cause of death. A body of the lost skier rescuers of change on duty Elbrus PSO have lowered from a mount the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation.      

the Second mountain skier was lost on January, 7th. Revaluation of own possibilities became a cause of death, as well as in the first case. 27 - summer Muscovite Alexander Filatov, going down on the southern slope of Tcheget forbidden for driving, has provoked an avalanche descent. As a result the avalanche has covered the skier, and from the received traumas it was lost.  

the Victim rescuers kanatno - kreselnoj have found roads Tcheget and employees of Open Company Elbrusturist . Its body has been passed representatives of law enforcement bodies.