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The Russian Moslems have lifted entreaties for Palestinians

the Economic and political blockade of Palestin undertaken Israel represents collective punishment the Palestinian people. Blockade and the termination of the international help not only are illegal, but also contradict both to the international agreements, and norms of human morals. With such words imams at once several regions of the Russian Federation past Friday were converted during a collective Mohammedan prayer. Sermons in mosques have been devoted the distressful Palestinian people, passes IslamOnlineRu .

the Head of the Islamic cultural centre in St.-Petersburg Muhammad Henni has acted with words: the Koran calls us both in grief, and in pleasure, to hope only for the Allah.

Palestinians sincerely hope for It therefore as nobody responds to call of the help of 1,5 million the person, being in blockade. About this scandalous situation it is known worldwide, but the public silently keeps silent. People have finished to such status that they do of a forage of animals to themselves bread that though as - that to support children .

There there is no also an electricity, food, water and medicines, and all free and civilised world is silent. But it is impossible to throw people in such difficult situation. All Moslems should lift du`a (entreaties) that the Allah has facilitated to these people test and has helped it - has added Henii. He also has urged all Russians to assist led by president Dmitry Medvedev in crisis settlement in the Near East.

a mufti of Kareliya has joined these words Visam Ali Bardvil who as urges to lift du`a for brothers and sisters who are in blockade also. it, undoubtedly, the terrible period for inhabitants Gaza as perish and suffer affliction in what not guilty people. To me the position " is not clear; Israel . They could freeze relations with the government from - for misunderstandings but how it is possible to oppress the peace population of the country? - Bardvil in the sermon has told.

a mufti of Kareliya wants also will be converted to a management with the request to render the urgent humanitarian help to inhabitants of Palestin. A situation, as he said, there the critical. Russia and Palestin were connected always by mutual friendly relations, therefore I hope, as this time our state will offer a helping hand - Bardvil has told.