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The schedule of work of a reception of the plenipotentiary of the President in Ufa

has been confirmed One of these days the schedule of carrying out of personal enrolment of citizens by representatives of territorial bodies of federal enforcement authorities in a regional public reception of the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Privolzhsky federal district across Bashkiria for January is confirmed:

on January, 11th from 10 o`clock till 12 o`clock reception will be conducted by the chief of the department of Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being of the person across Bashkiria Robert Takaev . It can answer the questions connected with supervision and control over execution of obligatory requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of maintenance sanitary - epidemiological well-being of the population, protection of the rights of consumers and in the field of the consumer market.

on January, 13th wishing to hear answers to the questions, concerning preventive maintenance and prevention of infringements of a public order, control over activity spetsuchrezhdeny militias, the head of department on maintenance of a public order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Bashkiria Alexander Ovchinnikov . Reception hours - 15. 00 - 17. 00.

on January, 15th from 16 o`clock till 18 o`clock in a public reception of citizens the head of State Labour Inspection in Bashkiria Victor Silantev . In its competence - questions of observance of the labour legislation, the conclusion and cancellation of the labour contract, working hours, time of rest, payment, a labour safety, a liability of the parties of the labour contract.

on January, 16th it will be possible to hear explanations under the Program of voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation the compatriots living abroad. Answers to questions will be given from 10 o`clock till 12 o`clock by the chief of department of Management of Federal migratory service across Bashkiria Kamil Hamidullin .

on January, 20th a reception subject - supervision and control over observance of the legislation on a competition in the commodity markets and the market of financial services; supervision and control over observance of the legislation on advertising. The chief of the department of Federal antimonopoly service across Bashkiria Zulfira Akbasheva .

on January, 21st from 10 o`clock till 12 o`clock citizens will be accepted by the chief of the department of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation across Bashkiria Rustem Jusupov . It can ask questions on activity realisation in sphere of the state check in of public associations, political parties, the religious organisations, other noncommercial organisations, and also to control over their activity, control and supervision in legal profession and notariate sphere.

on January, 22nd in a public reception reception of a deputy head of Management of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers across Bashkiria Rishata Zajdullina . From 15 o`clock till 17 o`clock it will give answers to questions of the organisation of execution of judgements and certificates of other authorised bodies.

on January, 27th 10 till 12 o`clock citizens will wait the chief of legal department of Management of public service of employment of the population at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population of Bashkiria Aydar Biktaev . A reception subject - questions of delivery, registration and realisation of the state housing certificates on maintenance with habitation of the citizens discharged from military service and persons equal to them, and also from a category of the urged immigrants; supply and demand questions on a labour market; a statement order on the account in a population placement service.

On January, 28th about an order of an establishment of physical inability, definition of ability to work at the invalid, the individual program of rehabilitation, an order of the appeal of expert decisions of branches FGU the bureau Main thing mediko - social examination on RB will be told by the head Yury Tomilov . Reception hours - 10. 00 - 12. 00.

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