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To Stavropol Territory for a poisoning of children will judge the director and the technologist

criminal case One of these days is directed to court upon a mass poisoning of pupils of kindergartens of cities of the Caucasian Mineral waters.

we Will remind that 3 - the information on a poisoning of pupils of a city kindergarten of 14 cities of Lermontov, 6 kindergartens of Kislovodsk and pupils tserkovno - parish school of Kislovodsk on October, 4th has arrived. As the consequence, flash otravlenny has established has been connected with the use of dairy production. It is registered more than 700 facts of acute enteric infections, from them 654 - at children. The overwhelming majority from among the diseased (more than 70 %) used sour-milk production of Zheleznovodsk factory Vita . Enterprise production was delivered in Mineral Waters, Zheleznovodsk, Lermontov and variety of cities of edge - in a trading network, kindergartens and sanatoria.

Upon   The Pyatigorsk investigatory department at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation across Stavropol Territory had been brought criminal case under article Manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of the goods and production, performance of works or rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of security (ch. 2, item 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).
At present as have told in Office of Public Prosecutor of Stavropol Territory, the bill of particulars on criminal case concerning workers of Open Society " is confirmed; Vita   Natalias Pavlovoj and Lyudmila Abramenko, accused of the commission of crime, the Criminal code of the Russian Federation provided p.1 item 236 (infringement sanitary - the epidemiological rules which have entailed on imprudence mass disease of people).

by the Consequence it is established that in technological process molokopererabatyvajushchego Open Society enterprises Vita In time from December, 27th, till October, 03rd, 2007 by manufacture of dairy production requirements of the sanitary code and rules were not observed, the production technology of dairy production and a compounding was broken, the faulty equipment has been involved in manufacture, not organised sanitary - consumer services working, there was no control over a status of industrial sanitary in the basic manufacture.

As a result of infringements sanitary - the epidemiological rules admitted by the director of manufacture of N.Pavlovoj and the chief of industrial laboratory of L.Abramenko which supervised observance of technological process and quality of finished goods, has occurred infitsirovanie kefir.

Made production has been realised in preschool institutions of cities of Lermontov, Kislovodsk and Piously - the Nikolsky grammar school.

the Use of the kefir made with infringement sanitary - epidemiological norms and rules, has entailed mass disease by an acute enteric infection of 580 persons.

After the statement of the bill of particulars criminal case is directed to Lermontov`s court for consideration in essence.