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The USA and Georgia have declared that they friends and strategic partners

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has published the full text of the Charter about strategic partnership between Georgia and the USA.

the Document is signed in Washington by heads of foreign policy departments of two countries Condoleeza Rice and Grigolom Vashadze yesterday, on January, 9th.

We plan the beginning of programs of the expanded cooperation in the field of the security which purpose is strengthening of possibilities of Georgia and preparation for NATO membership - quotes Interfax the Charter text.

In particular, in the document it is told that partnership principles are based on support of the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and indestructibility of borders each other .

the USA and Georgia confirm importance of the relations, as friends and strategic partners Also notice that Euro deepening - the Atlantic integration of Georgia represents the general priority.

Strong, independent, sovereign and democratic Georgia which possesses responsible defensive force, brings the contribution to the security and well-being statement not only all citizens of Georgia, but also free and peace Europe - it is told in the document.