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In the Saratov region has burnt down shop with products

on January, 4th in settlement Steppe of - for casual handling of fire at smoking in a state of intoxication there was a small kindling in three-room apartment of the two-storeyed house. In settlement the October small town of Tatishchevsky area from - for non-observance of rules of the device and electric equipment operation has burnt down a shop trading floor Products . In settlement Rtishchevsky on the area of 250 square metres has completely burnt down a two-room apartment house. In village Mironovka of Petersburg area has burnt down under construction building of church, the cause of the fire is established. In settlement. Bald Mounts fire had been destroyed an apartment house roof. In village Skatovka of the Rovno area on the area of 225 square metres 6 tons of straw and 3,5 tons of hay burnt.

on January, 5th in Balakovo there was a fire in two-room apartment of the ten-storied house, as a result of a fire on fire was lost 46 - the summer man. In Novouzenske from - for non-observance of rules of the device and furnace operation the wall of the private wooden house has lighted up. In village Gusiha of Ivanteevsky area has completely burnt down the private wooden house. In Volske ceiling overlapping of the private house burnt. The reason is established, informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Saratov region.